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Graphic Design

Course Format: Online / Virtual / E-learning
School/Trainer: Professional Career Development Institute

Graphic Design school covers the following:
The Language of Design
Managing Effective Design
Designing with Color
Typography in Design
Imagery in Design
Your Place in the Design Industry
Operating Systems; Designing
for the Client
Working with Images and Selection
Tools in Photoshop
Using Layers; Restoring and
Retouching in Photoshop
Creating Shapes and Images
with Illustrator

Graphic Design

Course Format: Online / Virtual / E-learning
School/Trainer: Community College of Aurora

The AAS degree in Graphic Design prepares students for entry into the commercial and artistic field of design for web, publishing, and interactive media. Students will develop technical and critical thinking skills related to producing effective visual communication.

Graphic Design Media

Course Format: Online / Virtual / E-learning
School/Trainer: Duluth Business University

Get ready for a career in the creative and exciting world of Graphic Design Media! Graduates are hired by a variety of businesses to develop distinctive logos, web pages, promotional pieces, marketing brochures, visual designs, and corporate literature. DBU’s Graphic Design Media instructors know and teach what it takes to work in the real world of design.

The purpose of this program is to develop the visual, comprehensive and computer skills that students will need to succeed in the graphic design industry. Students will learn to create and customize graphics, photographs, and illustrations; create comprehensive layouts; and take projects from concept through to completion for both print and web applications.

Graphic Design (Diploma)

Course Format: Online / Virtual / E-learning
School/Trainer: Ashworth College

The Graphic Design Course is comprised of 13 comprehensive lessons. They are easy to follow, yet challenging and stimulating at the same time. Each lesson begins with a subject matter preview and objectives, an introductory note from your instructor and a vocabulary builder of new words and terms.

Next comes the reading assignment. Practice exercises help you check and review what you’ve learned. At the end of the lesson is an open-book exam, which you may take online.

Digital Graphic Design

Course Format: Online / Virtual / E-learning
School/Trainer: Fortis Colleges in Alabama

The Associate of Applied Science program in Digital Graphic Design prepares students academically and professionally for entry-level positions such as graphic designer, desktop publishing specialist, pre-press specialist, and web designer. The curriculum focuses on graphic design theory and techniques. Students learn the basics of art, color theory, format, design, digital publishing and how these are used in the corporate and business world. The program prepares students for entry-level positions in graphic design.

Graphic Design

Course Format: Online / Virtual / E-learning
School/Trainer: Carrington College

The way to land a career in graphic design is through a strong portfolio. Carrington College® California can help you build that portfolio with the expert instruction provided by our online Graphic Design degree program. The online courses include instruction related to the theory and practice of visual communication, and prepare students for positions as graphic designers, production artists, web designers, multimedia developers, and video editors.

Upon completion of the online Graphic Design degree program, graduates will be able to:
Produce a portfolio that demonstrates proficiency in a range of graphic design skills and use of industry-standard design software.
Demonstrate proficiency in critical thinking, information management, personal and professional development, communication skills, respect and responsibility.
Demonstrate understanding of the elements of enhanced visual design, including the concepts related to digital imaging such as editing, o... [Read More]

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