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Multi-Period Asset Pricing

Course Format: Online / Virtual / E-learning
School/Trainer: Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University

This course introduces the concepts of arbitrage and risk-neutral pricing within the context of multi-period financial models. Key elements of stochastic calculus such as Markov processes, martingales, filtration and stopping times will be developed within this context.

SAP xApps Mobile Asset Management 3.0 (Certificate)

Course Format: Online / Virtual / E-learning
School/Trainer: ExitCertified USA

Solution Consultant
-SAP xMAM Overview
-New Features of SAP xMAM V3

Development Consultant
-Enhancements Concepts
-Examples of Enhancements
-New Features of SAP xMAM 3.0

IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.1 Fundamentals (Certificate)

Course Format: Online / Virtual / E-learning
School/Trainer: ExitCertified USA

This course introduces the powerful features and functionality available in IBM Maximo Asset Management. It is designed to provide the fundamental concepts and setup considerations of the various business areas supported by Maximo. This course consists of lecture, demonstration, class discussions, and labs covering a wide variety of applications, processes, and interrelationships within Maximo. Learn to make well-informed business decisions with the design and planning of their implementation. Gain a foundation upon which to build your product knowledge and skill set and to work with clients to obtain optimal value from the product.

Asset Securitization

Course Format: Online / Virtual / E-learning
School/Trainer: Phoenix College Downtown

Asset Securitization (AS) has revolutionized the field of finance. It provides an opportunity for financial institutions to enhance liquidity, generate fee-based income and optimize the usage of capital. It can be a source of competitive financing for corporations. For investors, securitized assets offer additional investment opportunities with different risk/return trade-offs.

After completing this course, you will be able to:
Develop a conceptual framework for Asset Securitization
Analyze the factors that influence pricing of Asset-backed Securities
Review the Rating Agency’s perspective on Asset Securitization
Evaluate the alternative structures for Credit Enhancement
Analyze the products and structures of several real-life examples of Securitization
Understand various other aspects such as Legal, Accounting, Tax and Supervision

Fixed Assets in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Course Format: Online / Virtual / E-learning
School/Trainer: Webucator

The one-day Microsoft Dynamics GP Fixed Assets training class delves into the accounting cycle and the processes required to enter, depreciate, and retire fixed assets. This course shows how to perform additional functions such as changing asset information, partial asset transfers, partial asset retirements, and retirement undo. A thorough understanding of these topics allows companies to keep accurate records and learn to use comprehensive reporting features to present data in different ways. This course also discusses how to define default values and gather the information you need to make better business decisions by exploring powerful inquiry and lookup functions.

Class Goals
•Learn to perform all Fixed Assets related data entry functions including creating asset records in Dynamics GP 2010.
•Learn to maintain asset records using transfers, changes, and retirements in Dynamics GP 2010.
•Learn to print detailed reports in Dynamics GP 2010 to verify dat... [Read More]

Capital Asset Management

Course Format: Online / Virtual / E-learning
School/Trainer: Oracle University

Describing the Business Process
Utilizing Equipment Information
Setting up General Options
Using Equipment Master Records
Defining Supplemental and Specification Data
Tracking Location Transfers, Site Information, and Customer Information
Describing Other Equipment Information Options
Utilizing Equipment Work Orders
Setting Up Information for Work Orders
Entering Corrective Work Orders
Describing Workflow for Approvals
Adding Parts Lists and Labor Details to Work Orders
Tracking Maintenance Costs
Setting Up for Maintenance Costing
Tracking Costs Against Work Orders
Scheduling Preventive Maintenance
Working with Equipment Meter Readings
Creating Preventive Maintenance Schedules
Describing Condition-Based Maintenance Requirements
Using Resource Assignments
Defining Resource Assignments
Setting Up Calendars, Resources, and Availability
Managing Crew Schedules and Assignments
Using Failure Analy... [Read More]

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