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Good Clinical Practices GCP in clinical research Workshop

Course Format: On-Site / In-House / Private Tutoring
School/Trainer: CREMA

Employee training programmes play an important role in an organization’s success by giving it an edge over competition. We at CREMA conduct short-term workshops and training modules customized for corporate organizations to keep working professionals up-to-date with prevailing practices and technologies affecting the Clinical Research Industry. Our training modules are industry-driven and upgraded on a regular basis with the highlight being complete flexibility of place and time. Our renowned faculty adds a new dimension to the learning experience with a dynamic mix of lectures, case studies and hands-on learning through innovative learning tools. The CREMA Corporate Training Programme is the ideal tool to optimize individual competence to deliver value to organizations and their customers. This programme enables participants be in tune with prevailing practices and technologies impacting the industry.

Program Highlights:
Group tasks developed within the context of the organization
Emphasis towards development of specified tasks and skills
Course content designed in consultation with the management
Crash courses arranged in special cases
Flexibility of time and duration (2-5days)

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