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Course Format: On-Site / In-House / Private Tutoring
School/Trainer: Bianchi Group, Inc.

This course instructs equipment operators in the safety aspects, preventive maintenance, operating techniques, and proper procedures for using bulldozers, crawler dozers and track-type tractors. Instruction can be tailored for any level of experience or geared to provide evaluations for more experienced operators. Participants receive a student workbook. Customers receive class rosters and course evaluations. Bulldozer(s) must be available for this training.

Bulldozer training is progressive, as the instructor will introduce general maneuvers and work towards those of increased difficulty and complexity. Participants are encouraged to attempt, practice and perform instructed simulations to demonstrate their understanding of proper bulldozer operation. Program content can be adjusted to meet particular issues or concerns, and the instructor will routinely assist individuals with sticking points.

Please consider that a large class size combined with a single machine is not in your best interest, nor that of the participants. If a large class size is expected, we suggest splitting them into groups or having additional machines available to maintain a student/machine ratio consistent with our quality standards.

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

Conduct walk around inspections and preventive maintenance.

Demonstrate component identification.

Demonstrate understanding of safe bulld... [Read More]


Course Format: On-Site / In-House / Private Tutoring
School/Trainer: IS Australia

This program is designed to provide students an introduction to the skill
and experience necessary to operate a Dozer safely and effectively in the
mining or resources industries. This program caters for inexperienced
Each course consists of a blend of theory and practical training. This mix
ensures students get the best possible training and real experience
An assessment only service is available for experienced operators who
wish to obtain the national competency or for employers who require
staff to hold a Verification of Competency (VOC).
Course Topics
?Planning for Dozer operations ?Pre-start inspection
?Cabin safety checks/cabin drills ?Legislation
?Lift, carry and place materials ?Towing and pushing
?Emergency procedures ?Site clean up
?Safe shut down and operator
?Blade and ripper control and
?Safe operating techniques

BULLDOZER (Certificate)

Course Format: On-Site / In-House / Private Tutoring
School/Trainer: Australian Skills Training Pty Ltd.

This course is designed to provide participants with formalized training in Bulldozer operation, in a safe manner. Many operators have gained experience by just “having a go? Completion of this course will provide a recognized qualification with participants being able to conduct pre-start and pre-operational checks, recognize danger areas and operate a back hoe/front end loader correctly and safely through all areas of operation.

Pre requisite
Participants require evidence of previous experience operating under supervision.

Course Content
The Bulldozer training plan is based on the Unit of Competencies within the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF):

UEPOPS201A - Comply with Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Procedures
UEPOPS218A - Shift and Transfer Materials using a Bulldozer

Legislation in the Workplace - O.S.H. Acts and Regulations, Mines Safety Inspection Act and Regulations, [NOHSC 7019 (1992)] National Guidelines for Occupational Health and Safety Competency Standards for the Operation of Load Shifting Equipment and other types of specified equipment, safety issues and enterprise/site requirements.
Plan Work - Site requirements and rules, site hazard identification, emergency procedures, priorities, machine requirements/work identified and verified from job specifications, site plans.
Operate Machinery - Main components identified, pre-start and pre-operational checks, capabili... [Read More]

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