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Green Landscaping

Course Format: Online / Virtual Classroom / Webinar
School/Trainer: Auburn University OPCE

This course is a four hour module designed for the professional landscaper or caring homeowner. The course will teach participants how to reinvent the way traditional landscaping has been done. Most landscaping processes are anti-green, but this course provides tremendous insight into lawn care, weed control, fertilizer, and irrigation. Topics such as prairie reversion, green roofs, and phyto-remediation make this course very insightful.

Students begin this 4 hour course upon registration and must complete the class within 1 month for successful completion.

Landscape And Garden Center Technician (Diploma)

Course Format: Online / Virtual Classroom / Webinar
School/Trainer: Minnesota State Community and Technical College

The Landscape and Garden Center Technician program provides quality education in the areas of landscape design and construction, garden center operation and ornamental plant maintenance. The focus is on preparing graduates for challenging careers in the expanding field of landscaping and garden centers. Students will design and construct landscapes using a variety of different techniques and construction materials. Students will also develop contemporary business concepts as they apply to landscape and garden centers. These outcomes will be accomplished through course work, local tours and working at an outside landscaping laboratory.

Program outcomes
1. Demonstrate interpersonal skills through effective listening and communicating in diverse situations.
2. Demonstrate knowledge, application, and principles of landscaping and horticulture.
3. Work safely without presetting a threat to self, others, and equipment.
4. Implement design and construction principles used in landscaping.
5. Evaluate environmental issues and their impact to the industry.
6. Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills.
7. Apply organizational skills.

The Healthy Garden

Course Format: Online / Virtual Classroom / Webinar
School/Trainer: Mohawk College

Learn the basics of composting, soil and maintaining garden health. Topics include methods and benefits of composting, soil, texture, water, organisms, and fertility, and insect and disease control.

Annuals for the Garden and Container Gardening

Course Format: Online / Virtual Classroom / Webinar
School/Trainer: Mohawk College

Learn to effectively use popular annuals for Northern gardens and containers. Focus on plant cultivation and maintenance, preparation of various planters, use of soil- less mediums, proper planting methods and container garden maintenance.

Gardening/Landscaping (Diploma)

Course Format: Online / Virtual Classroom / Webinar
School/Trainer: Stratford Career Institute

Whether you enjoy gardening and landscaping as a hobby or are serious about working toward building a successful gardening or landscaping business, Stratford?course is an ideal place to start growing your career.

This course begins with the fundamentals of gardening, including how to create and care for all types of plants and flowers, then provides a thorough introduction on all aspects and techniques of professional landscaping. You’ll get home gardening ideas and well as learn more about how to start a landscaping business.

Convenience and affordability are what make studying with Stratford so great. All of your gardening and landscaping distance learning materials are delivered directly to your door. You study when and where it is most convenient for you. Plus, we consistently work to keep our tuition as low as possible and always offer the option to make low, monthly payments.

As a student in Stratford’s landscaping and gardening course, your low tuition fee covers everything you will need to successfully graduate and earn your career diploma:
?All textbooks, study guides, and learning aids
?A full range of student services, incl... [Read More]

Garden Maintenance

Course Format: Online / Virtual Classroom / Webinar
School/Trainer: e-Careers Limited

This distance learning course aims at providing students with the basic knowledge of maintaining a garden in a healthy and presentable state. Considered as being the mundane side of horticulture, garden maintenance is a wide area of study, which involves various technicalities.

1. Planning and Managing a Garden.

Explain how you would Manage a Garden successfull

2. Furnishings and Machinery.

Identify the furnishings and machinery discussed in this unit

3. Feeding Plants.

Summarise the factors that need to be considered when feeding plants

4. Weed Control.

Discuss the importance of Weed Control

5. Commonly used Chemicals.

Identify the most commonly used chemicals

6. Natural Pest Control.

Explain how you can control pests using natural methods

7. Safety Procedures and Chemicals.

Identify the Golden Rules for using Chemicals

8.Turf Care.

Summarise how best to take care of Turf

9. Irrigation Systems.

Identify the 5 basic types of irrigation systems for broadacre and landscaped areas

10. Maintenance of Plants.

Explain how to maintain th... [Read More]

Principles of Organic Horticulture

Course Format: Online / Virtual Classroom / Webinar
School/Trainer: College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise

This is an assessed Foundation Degree (FdSc) Unit validated by the University of Ulster, and delivered totally on-line.

The Unit is aimed at people who want to:

Understand the concepts of organic production
Learn about organic growing methods
Grow more sustainably
Understand the organic sector and organic certification

Delivery method and venue

As the Unit is being delivered totally on-line students will require access to a computer with internet access and email, plus software to work with Microsoft Word documents and read PDF files.

The unit will be:

Delivered from late January to end of April 2011 (Provisional)
Accessed using CAFRE’s ‘Blackboard?virtual learning environment.
There will be no timetable, though the course will maintain a weekly routine with practical activities and assessments to be completed or submitted to a schedule.

The Unit content will include:

Organic production in the UK
Consumers?interests in organic food production
Organic standards, certification and conversion
Integrated, soil-based systems approach
Soil management and fertility
P... [Read More]

Lawn and Garden Care

Course Format: Online / Virtual Classroom / Webinar
School/Trainer: Accredited Online Training

To help you get started in your Lawn and Garden Care business, we have created possibly the best Lawn and Garden Care business start up guide which is provided and called &,quot,How to Start Making Money from Lawn and Garden Care&,quot,

This DVD course gives you all the inside tips to running a profitable Lawn and Garden Care business. The course is full of information to help you be a success in this business.We show you everything you need to know to start the business and be successful.

This DVD course is very comprehensive, and if there is anything at all that you&,#146,re not sure about, you can just ask, we are here to help you all the way.

7 reasons why you should be a Lawn and Garden Care Course

» Contents
» Low start up costs
» You get to work from home
» Demand for lawn and garden care
» Equality
» Easy work
» Respect
Course content

The DVD course package includes many useful tools to help get your business started. A hard copy course manual, a step by step plan of exactly what you need to do to set up your business, sample flyers and a Sample marketing letter.

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