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Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment
School/Trainer: Los Angeles Trade Technical College
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Los Angeles, United States

This course covers topics such as basic drafting techniques, residential working plans and specifi cations, building layout measurements, general notes and specifi cations, and methods of material take off for residential buildings.

Blueprint Reading

Course Format: Online / Virtual Classroom / Webinar
School/Trainer: UTA - Division for Enterprise Development

This course provides students with basic instruction on blueprint reading to enable them to understand various types of blueprints, shop prints and schematics used in both the industrial and construction environments. Participants learn to identify and interpret the different standards for symbols and abbreviations found on electrical construction drawings, schematics, and wiring diagrams. Students will also learn fire safety and building code requirements and be able to identify hazards. The training will enable students to provide construction recommendations that will improve overall safety of the facility and the construction process.

Building Codes for Beginners

Course Format: Online / Virtual Classroom / Webinar
School/Trainer: LearnVirtual

This 1-hour online introductory course to building codes for interior designers points to the why, what, where and when of the building code information that is essential to interior design practice.

Consulting a resource of this kind provides an efficient alternative to wading through volumes of codes, standards, regulations and guidelines that pertain to all aspects of the built environment with the intent of understanding what specific information applies to interiors - a task that is not only overwhelming but likely to be impossible.

Building codes are mastered through years of experience, the foundation of which begins by starting in the right place. This course will direct designers to fundamental issues and information that will help form that foundation efficiently and concisely.

Objectives:At the conclusion of this course, you will:

Know why building codes are necessary and what they are
Be familiar with the history of code development in the United States
Know the difference between labels and listings
Understand the organization of code language
Be familiar with the common codes used throughout the United States
K... [Read More]

Construction Blueprint Reading

Course Format: Online / Virtual Classroom / Webinar
School/Trainer: SDSU College of Extended Studies

This course is designed to provide you with that foundational knowledge and enough practice at reading blueprints to get you started. Mastery of blueprint reading will come with practice and with using blueprints on the job on a regular basis.

Basic Print Reading of Mechanical Drawings

Course Format: Online / Virtual Classroom / Webinar
School/Trainer: EPIC Educational Program Innovations Center

The purpose of this webinar is to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to interpret the main aspects of a mechanical drawing. Some people have the innate ability to visualize objects in three-dimensional space from a two-dimensional drawing. However, anyone can accomplish this when some basic rules are in place and can even be honed with practice.

The webinar will begin with a discussion of the drawing categories and the meaning of each line type. Then a major focus will be on interpreting and visualizing orthographic projection. Also covered are: auxiliary information on a print (such as the title block and notes), section views, interpreting dimensions/tolerances, other special symbols (such as roughness callouts and screw threads), and an overview of the GD&,T system of tolerances. Multiple examples will be provided to show specific applications.

Course Outline:
Basic steps in reading a print
Line types: visible, hidden, center, leader, etc.
The title block
Orthographic projection views
Visualizing in 3D
First vs. third angle projection
Section views
Dimensioning practices
Plus/minus v... [Read More]

Basic Blueprint Reading for Manufacturing Workshop

Course Format: On-Site / In-House / Private Tutoring
School/Trainer: WPI Corporate and Professional Education

Blueprint Reading is the universal form of communication in manufacturing plants and machine shops. This interactive seminar has been designed to teach you the theory of drawings, how to identify the essential details, and how to interpret the dimensions found on engineering drawings.

This program features a series of workshops using drafting instruments to construct isometric and orthographic drawings - including their dimensions and tolerance. Upon completion of the program, you will have gained a new set of skills for reading engineering drawings.

Attendees receive a copy of Print Reading for Industry by Walter C. Brown.

What You Will Learn
? Introduction to Blueprint Reading

? Title Blocks

? Orthographic Projections and Pictorial Drawings

? Lines and Their Uses

? Dimensioning on Drawings

? Chamfers, Holes, Threads, Tapers, Keyways

? Sketching Techniques

? Layout Techniques

? Practical Applications through Hands-On Workshops

Who Should Attend

Machine operators, quality control inspectors, NC programmers, shop supervisors, metalworking manufactur... [Read More]

Blueprint Reading for Welding Technicians

Course Format: On-Site / In-House / Private Tutoring
School/Trainer: Delaware Technical & Community College Stanton/Wilmington Campus

Learn to read and interpret welding and shop drawings with an emphasis on welding symbols.

Electrical Blueprint Reading for Operators

Course Format: On-Site / In-House / Private Tutoring
School/Trainer: Delaware Technical & Community College Jack F. Owens Campus

Designed to enhance basic electrical troubleshooting skills by teaching interpretation of electrical blueprints. Learn the meanings of symbols and other information provided on typical electrical drawings.

Blueprint Reading

Course Format: On-Site / In-House / Private Tutoring
School/Trainer: Jefferson State Community College

This course provides students with basic blueprint reading for various industrial applications. Topics
 Orthographic projection
 Dimensions and Tolerances
 Industrial Applications
 Scales and Notes
This course may be tailored to meet a specific industry need.

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