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Marriage & Family Therapy (Master Degree)

Course Format: Online / Virtual Classroom / Webinar
School/Trainer: Touro College

The TUW Master of Arts Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy presents an extraordinary opportunity for interested individuals to become actively involved in an expanding and promising area of study. The need for Marriage and Family Therapists is now growing as an integral and important part of our nation’s health and mental health care delivery system. Family therapy is different from other mental health professions because of:
1.Its emphasis on treating couples and families and the family as a system;
2.Its emphasis on present day problems instead of historical or intra‐psychic conflicts; and
3.Its focus on understanding interpersonal relationships as a way of identifying and treating mental health problems.

Increased understanding of the relationship between marital and family dysfunction and serious mental and emotional disorders such as chemical dependency, substance abuse, eating disorders, disorders of childhood and adolescence, and other forms of psychopathology have contributed to the prominence of this discipline. It is rare today to treat either inpatients or outpatients without attention to the family and dynamics of the family system.
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Sociology of Marriage & Family

Course Format: Online / Virtual Classroom / Webinar
School/Trainer: Phoenix College

The study of courtship, marriage, and family patterns, their historical development, their adaptation to a changing culture, and their impact on individuals. Prerequisites: None.

Marriage and Family Therapy

Course Format: Online / Virtual Classroom / Webinar
School/Trainer: Grand Canyon University

This course provides a broad understanding of the structure and dynamics of the family, which may include assessment and methods of marital and family intervention and counseling.

Divorce and Parenting

Course Format: Online / Virtual Classroom / Webinar
School/Trainer: Florida Safety Council

Prepare parents for both the emotional and legal situations associated with divorce and child-rearing. Help parents sustain lasting and meaningful bonds with their child(ren). Create an environment for quality parent-to-parent communication.

Course Content
•Emotional, Physical, and Social Transitions.
•Shared Parenting.
•Developmental Reactions of Children.
•Domestic and Emotional Abuse.
•Legal Concepts.
•Community Referral List and Closure.
Course Format
•Four-hour Internet course.
Class Availability
?4-hour Internet Availability

Marriage and Family Therapy (Master Degree)

Course Format: Online / Virtual Classroom / Webinar
School/Trainer: Capella University

Position yourself for increased career opportunities and job satisfaction in the fast-growing counseling field. This CACREP-accredited master’s program in Marriage and Family Therapy is a rigorous combination of online course work, residencies, and field experiences designed to prepare you for state licensure eligibility.?You will learn to apply family systems theories and therapeutic techniques to address a wide range of relationship issues and to assess and treat mental and emotional disorders and problems within the family system.

Relationships & Sexuality

Course Format: Online / Virtual Classroom / Webinar
School/Trainer: Starbridge Centre

The course consist of 7 emails send to you one per day

•The emails contain text and exercises depicting the essence of our 30 years of experience in the field
•There are also links to text and video elswhere on our site and on the web
•You can enrol and watch and read the emails and ready-made material whenever you want.

Sexuality is one of the most common expressions of intimacy and love, and for that same reason, it is often the most difficult area in a relationship

You can enrol and watch and read the emails and ready-made material whenever you want.

This course is full of important pointers to what you need to know to make you relationship and sexuality enjoyable and meaningful

Look at the impressive list of topics:

Impressive list of topics:
•Not finding suitable partners
•Animus anima and polarity
•Sex versus love
•Keeping the peace - The salami principle
•Too open ?too closed leading to hurt and lost opportunities for intimacy
•Not listening
•Assuming the other thinks like you
•Compromise-of integrity
•Statue Shitting
•Forgiveness and transformationRead More]

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