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First Technology Transfer Ltd.

Surrey, England, United Kingdom

Course format: On-site

This “hands-on�course aims to provide engineers with an understanding of the PIC16C / PIC16F family of microcontrollers and experience of using Microchip development tools to create and debug simple assembly language programs. The emphasis is on providing a solid foundation of knowledge of the architecture and features of this range of microcontrollers, together with practical experience of the development tools and the steps required to embark on a new development.

Key Skills

Understand the architecture and features of the PIC16C / PIC16F family of microcontrollers
Gain hands-on experience of Microchip development tools for creating and debugging assembly language programs on a target PIC16C / PIC16F microcontroller
Be introduced to the use of on-chip peripherals to simplify interfaces to the outside world
Course Contents
Microchip Overview
Market profile
product range
key advantages and support network
Overview of Development Tools
Microchip development software: MPLAB®, MPSIMTM and associated tools
Microchip In-Circuit Debugger (MPLAB® ICD2) and In-Circuit Emulator (ICE) hardware
Device programmers, and the design option of In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSPTM)
Demonstration boards and kits
Third-party development tools
The PIC16C / PIC16F Architecture and Instruction Set
Harvard versus Von Neumann architecture
Organisation of program and data memory
Op-codes and addressing modes: immediate, direct and indirect
On-chip peripherals and interrupts
Classes of operations performed by op-codes
The MPASMTM Assembler
Assembler directives and op-codes
Programming style �use of templates and comments
Debugging assembly code using MPLAB®, MPSIMTM and MPLAB® ICD2
Interrupt service routines �how to create handlers using assembly code

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

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1-3 Fairlands House
North Street,
Surrey SM5 2HW

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