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IATA Fares and Ticketing


Hayton College

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Course format: Online

An Introduction to Airfares, IATA Areas and Sub-Areas, Journey types: Oneway, Round trip, Circle trip, Open Jaw, Global Indicators for Fare Construction, GDS entries required to retrieve fares, display mileage and create airfare records, the IATA Mileage System and the IATA Fare Formula - NUCs, MPM, TPM, EMA, EMS, Higher Intermediate Points (HIPs), Limitations on indirect travel: Side trips, end-on combinations, Surface sectors, One-way Backhaul Check (BHC), The Fare Breakpoint, Circle Trip Minimum Check (CTM), Common Point Minimum Check (CPM), Round World fares and the Minimum Check (RWM), Pricing Units, Mixed Class Travel, Currency conversion, Calculating taxes, Linear fare construction e-ticketing

Is it for you

If you want to join a travel company or airline and already know how the industry works and how to use a computer reservation system but need to know more about International Fares and Ticketing this is the course for you


Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

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Po Box Q751

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IATA Fares and Ticketing
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