Course Title:

Air Hostess / Flight Attendant and Ground Handling Diploma 2014


Avel Flight School

nairobi, nairobi, Kenya

Course format: Classroom
Seats: 20

Avel Flight School is India’s premier FAA Part 141 approved flight school, Avel Flight School’s Air Hostess &, Ground Handling Diploma Course offers the quickest path to achieving your dream of having a flying career as a Flight Attendant. This qualification is focused on the job openings offered by this exciting industry. The course is designed to be comprehensive, updated with the latest trends in aviation, giving
you the edge over your competition. This course is currently offered at our branch in Chennai, India.

On completion of this course some of the jobs you will be qualified to apply are:

?Traffic assistants
?Reservation and counter executives
?Air Hostess / Flight Attendants / Flight Stewards / Cabin Crew
?Sales executives
?Airport duty officer
?Airline personal call centers etc. ?Hostess / Stewards / Stewardess / Attendants / Cabin Crew
?Customer service executives
?Food &, Beverages coordinator
?Sales/space booking etc. ?Hostess / Stewards / Stewardess / Attendants
?Tour operators
?Reception Manager
?Travel consultants
?Front office executives / assistants
?Relation managers and captains
?Reservation and counter executives
?Clearing &, forwarding agents
?Tour Operators
?Sales &, marketing executives etc. ?Hostesses
?Customer service executives
?Reception Manager
?Front office executives / assistants
?Relation Manager
?Sales &, Marketing executive
?Counter Executives ...

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

Please visit the school's official website or social networks for the latest training price and schedule.

Phone No.: +919176938882

School Address/Venue(s):


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