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Long Game


San Diego Golf School

San Diego, California, United States

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Learn the correct power move to increase your driver distance, then try a REAL driver to make the 30 extra yards permanent!

As a certified master club maker with over 30 years experience, Jason Denaro has distinguished himself as one of the nations most highly respected club builders. In fact, he has built drivers for competitors in the PLDA ( Professional Long Drive Association) and has successfully combined the most explosive driver heads with the most reactive shafts including Accra, Fujikura, Mitsubishi Rayon, and Penley, resulting in the absolute maximum yardage possible for the individual golfers swing. While at the school you will be instructed in the correct position of the body through impact so that you can release MORE POWER with your driver. Once you have mastered this move,and YOU WILL on day one, you have the choice of continuing with your current driver or having a new unique custom driver built while you are at the school.

If the new driver doesn’t add 30 yards, we’ll gladly keep the club, no obligation to buy it. We’ve made this offer for the past ten years of operation, we’ve never had a club returned.

On day one we start you on the short game, have you nocking down pins by lunch time, then you unwind by letting loose with penetrating STRAIGHT drives.

Your video on day two will permanently secure your new swing moves, pre-shot routine and swing thought. In fact, you will review your 30 minute video for years to come, as your game rapidly improves and your handicap tumbles.


Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

Please go to the school's official website for training price and schedule:

Phone:(760) 822-2645

School Address/Venue(s):

Golf School at Twin Oaks
1425 North Twin Oaks Valley Rd.
San Marcos CA 92069 USA

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