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Wilderness First Responder


Outdoor Wilderness Leadership School

Bozeman, Montana, United States

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This course may be used to re-certify current Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness EMT (wilderness portions only). The 3 day course is heavily scenario based and will provide a review and update of wilderness medicine treatment practices and evacuation guidelines. American Heart Association CPR for the Healthcare Provider is also included in the curriculum.

Successful completion of the course and both written and practical examinations will refresh the student as a Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness portion of the Wilderness EMT. Participants will receive re-certifications cards good for the same amount of time as their original certifications.

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

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School Address/Venue(s):

510 S. 23rd Ave.
Bozeman, Montana 59718 USA

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