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Photoshop Portrait Retouching Workshop


UCLA Extension

Los Angeles, California, United States

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Classroom | E-learning | Virtual | Online/Live | On-site/In-house | Blended

Course Description:

Photoshop is a photographer’s best friend, and retouching in Photoshop is a skill that can benefit all kinds of photographers. This hands-on workshop focuses on some of the best tools and techniques to fix and improve any kind of portrait. Learn the advantages of working in .RAW; why layer masks are the key to retouching; how to remove wrinkles and blemishes, smooth out skin and get good skin color, reshape the nose, whiten teeth, add highlights to the hair, dodge and burn effectively; and more. Each student has his/her own computer workstation and works on images with the instructor. By the end of the course, learn how to enhance portraits without revealing that they were retouched in Photoshop. ...

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

Please go to the school's official website for training price and schedule:

Phone:(310) 825-9971, (818) 784-7006

School Address/Venue(s):

UCLA Extension, 10995 Le Conte Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90024 USA

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