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Structural Design


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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Course Description:

This course is a practical structural design course that contains step-by-step procedures that include instructions that help understand and solve routine building structural problems. The course contains a short introduction to the National Building Code of Canada, NBCC 2005, and then goes into detail on how to calculate the expected environmental and occupational loads on a structure, which includes dead, live, snow, wind, and seismic loads. A crash summary of the required structural analysis basics that are needed for structural design will be explained. The course then goes into the design of steel, reinforced concrete structural elements by limit states design according to the Canadian Standard Association CSA codes S16-01 and A23.3-04, respectively. The connection design of steel members and the design of deep and shallow foundations are also discussed.

Introduce the attendees to the manner in which environmental influences and occupancies are transformed into structural loadings and the manner in which structures resist these loadings. The attendees will learn how to compute loadings, and to design steel and concrete members, including steel connections. The course also includes the design of deep and shallow foundations and aims at exposing the attendees to the practical aspects of design, which are normally gained through practical experience and the work in design offices.

Learning Outcomes
This course will introduce you to the current codes and standards that govern structural design, including the structural provisions of the National Building Code of Canada NBCC 2005. You will also learn:
Basic understanding of codes and design methods.
Understanding of how to calculate the environmental and occupational loads and their combined effect on a structure.
Knowledge on the design of steel tension, compression and bending members.
Knowledge on the design of reinforced concrete beams and columns.
Knowledge on the design of steel connections.
Knowledge on the design of foundations.

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

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Quality Inn University
2359 Banff Trail N.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2M 4L2

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Structural Design
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