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Hands-on-Workshops Healing Institute

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Course Format:
Classroom | E-learning | Virtual | Online/Live | On-site/In-house | Blended
Teacher/Instructor: Vix, Max, Yousef
Seats: 4
Fee: 720 AED

Course Description:

The pre-requisite for this course is a recognised qualification in Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage. We will work with, and learn about the subtle energies of the body, using hands-on healing methods and relaxation techniques. This is a one day course. To complete this course, you will be expected to read and understand the course manual, and actively participate in the hands-on training, i.e. both give and receive the therapy. The assessment will be at the end of the day. In the unlikely event of a therapist not reaching the learning goal, she/he will be invited back to retake the course at a later dater, at no further cost. Hot stone massage therapy uses water-heated basalt lava stones of varying sizes in combination with traditional massage techniques. The heated stones create a feeling of continuous heat throughout the body, the purpose being to help the client become more physically and emotionally receptive to the therapeutic benefits of the massage.
*Hot Stone massage Therapy- 2 day workshop (Post Graduate)
28th & 29th November
COST: 1500aed

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

Please go to the school's official website for training price and schedule:

Phone:0044 845 6434236

School Address/Venue(s):

Festival Towers
Festival City

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