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Health Care Policy: The Past and the Future


University of Phoenix Online Campus

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

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This course will introduce the student to the intricate processes that public policymakers use to influence the health status of a society. The role of economic theory, interest groups, and the various levels of government involved in policymaking will be examined. A historic review of trends will be evaluated, and the challenges of future health care delivery will be examined.
Topics and Objectives
Health and Health Care Policy
Discuss the historical framework for the development of health care policy.
Identify the various health and societal issues that motivate health care policy.
Identify the various stakeholders in the health care policy process.
The Process of Health Care Policy
Identify the major components of health care policy formulation and implementation.
Identify the major components of health care policy evaluation and revision.
Describe the purpose and methodologies for establishing and evaluating the policy process.
Health Care Policy and Delivery
Describe the role of various government institutions in delivery of health care policy initiatives.
Discuss the impact that federal and state budget management can have on health care policy.
Politics and Health Care Policy
Discuss the impact of political influences on health care policy outcomes.
Describe the relationship of government and politics on health care policy.
Discuss the relationship of special interests groups to health care policy development.
Future Issues in Health Care Policy
Describe the challenges facing health care policy in the future.
Identify the issues and trends surrounding access to health care. ...

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University of Phoenix
3157 E. Elwood St.
Phoenix, AZ 85034

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