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Modern Supervision


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This course is designed to teach the student the essential knowledge of supervision, and the key role that the supervisor plays in today’s organizations. In most organizations, it is widely known that the supervisory job is both demanding and exact. Success or failure of an entire organization is often conditioned by the competency at the supervisory level. This course attempts to present and discuss the issues essential to being a successful supervisor. It is designed to meet the special needs of a person aspiring to a supervisory job, and the practicing supervisor. The course is applicable to all types of supervisory jobs whether in manufacturing, service, or not-for-profit organizations. For the potential supervisor, the course affords a concise but complete presentation and acquaintance with the many problems that will be confronted. For the experienced supervisor, the material provides an overall review, a broadening of supervisory horizons, and a kindling of new and fresh thinking in the supervisory area.

�Identify the purpose of a supervisor.
�Explain and give examples of the factors that limit supervision.
�Describe the roles and duties of a supervisor.
�Detail and list the items that fall under a supervisor’s authority and responsibility.
�Ascertain why supervisors fail. ...

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

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c/o 360training
13801 Burnet Rd, Suite 100
Austin, Texas 78727

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