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Managing Emotions in the Workplace


AMA - American Management Association

Arlington, Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, United States

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How You Will Benefit
Understand the connection between emotions and stress in the workplace
Improve your skills at managing emotions in the workplace and maximizing work relationships
Become more effective at managing emotions in the workplace through assertiveness communication skills
Create less stress in the workplace by fostering work environments where emotional honesty and emotional energy are accepted
Learn how to balance the physical, mental and emotional aspects of life
Control your emotions when faced with stress in the workplace and achieve positive interaction in teams and work groups
What You Will Cover
Understanding Stress in the Workplace
Identify common causes of stress in the workplace from personal experiences
Categorize common symptoms
Discern the difference between positive stress and negative stress in the workplace
Determine your levels of personal and work-related stress
Recognize the ways you may be contributing unintentionally to your own levels of stress in the workplace
Identify aspects of your personal and professional lifestyles in relation to your management of emotional well-being
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1601 Broadway
New York
NY 10019

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