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Audio Mastering


Macomb Community College

Detroit, Michigan, United States

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Classroom | E-learning | Virtual | Online/Live | On-site/In-house | Blended

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What is Mastering? In short, it’s the engineering process of taking your finished mix and turning it into a professional record, sonically competitive with all the other records you hear on the air or on your iPod. Needless to say, that’s really important! At the level of the individual song, Mastering corrects or improves the overall tonal balance of the record ?adding a little deep bass, or softening some high end that’s a little too harsh, for example. And mastering techniques are used to optimize the dynamics of the song, too - your music needs to be as loud as similar recordings, without sounding artificial or overly-processed.

At the level of the album project, mastering is the crucial process of making the different songs you recorded at different times and maybe even at different studios with different engineers sound like they all belong together!

It’s a subtle but vital art that is often overlooked or done poorly by less experienced engineers. Think of it this way: It’s your last chance to address the sound of your music before it gets out the door! What could be more important than that?

My years of training and studio experience will show you the r ...

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School Address/Venue(s):

South Campus (SOU)
14500 E. 12 Mile Road, Warren MI 48088

Center Campus (CTR)
44575 Garfield Road, Clinton Township, MI 48038

Born Center/North Lake High School (NLH)
23340 Elmira, St. Clair Shores, MI 48082

Scenic Design Group (SDG)
16073 Leone Drive, Macomb MI 48042

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