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Conversational Spanish


Ivy Tech Community College

Anderson, Bloomington, Columbus, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Lafayette, Madison, Nashville, Richmond, Indiana, United States

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The Conversational Spanish I will provide participants skills and knowledge that will allow the individual to be understood in speaking basic Spanish. This course is not for everyone. If the user plans on living in a Spanish speaking country or is looking at improving their reading and writing skills, then this material is not sufficient. The training is basic, practical information that can be used right away. This course is an orientation to the type of Spanish that is commonly spoken in the United States.


•Better communication with your Spanish speaking employees and/or customers.
•Acceptance by those who speak Spanish because of your efforts in learning their language.

•Practical application.
•Useful suggestions.
•Good business sense in knowing the basics of a second language.
•Position the user to help more people.

This instructor led course with reference text, focuses on the study and application of Spanish for every day use.


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Main Campus
50 West Fall Creek Parkway North Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46208

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Conversational Spanish training course in Indianapolis
IUPUI Community Learning Network
If you completed Beginning Conversational Spanish at Level III or you can converse in Spanish at a basic level, this course is for you. The course offers grammatical principles and develops your use of past and future tenses, but emphasizes expanding your vocabulary. This is geared toward an intermediate-beginning level student.
Conversational Spanish for Beginners training course in El Paso
El Paso Community College
Designed for senior adults who have minimal command of the Spanish language. This self-paced program facilitates learning the language.
Conversational Spanish training course in Kitchener
Conestoga College Continuing Education
This is an introductory course intended for those interested in learning to communicate at a basic level in the Spanish language. Emphasis is placed on dynamic application of the language in the classroom through dialogues and mini-conversations built on activities and vocabulary covered in the course text.

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