Training Course:

Acupuncture Workshop


ECAN International School of Acupuncture

Goa, Kathmandu, India, India

Course Format:
Classroom | E-learning | Virtual | Online/Live | On-site/In-house | Blended
Teacher/Instructor: Prof David Lujan
Term: Rs.
Seats: 20
Fee: 5000 Rs.

Course Description:

Every year we give Intensive Courses of Acupuncture in India and Nepal.

Great number of patients are coming everytime (all of them are treated free of charge)

The main core where everything is happening is the accurate diagnosis thru PULSE TAKING and the art of BREATHING manifestations. The method lies in the profound understanding of the 13th subconsciousness that lives and gives form to our internal organs. ...

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change. Training programs and their availability may vary by location.

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School Address/Venue(s):

Moralzarzal 13 A

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