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Fire Safety Management Workshop


Singapore Aviation Academy

Singapore, Singapore

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Course Description:

This workshop aims to provide an understanding of the importance of fire safety organisations and fire emergency planning. Participants will learn the techniques and procedures required for the inspection of fire protection systems. Human factors in fire safety will also be discussed.


o Requirements of the Fire Safety Act and Other Regulatory Bodies

o Fire Safety Organisation

- Structure and requirements

- Need for a fire safety manager

- Fire prevention maintenance programme

o Role and Responsibilities of a Fire Safety Manager

- Legal qualifications and appointments

- Accountability to management

o Formulating a Fire Emergency Plan

- Role and function of the plan

- Standard operating procedures in the event of a fire

o Means of Escape: Routes and Exits

o Inspection of Fire Protection Systems

- Automatic alarm and detection system

- Routine inspections

- Annual tests

o Human Factors in Fire Safety

- Concept of panic

- Education and training

o Fire Evacuation

- Roles and responsibilities of a fire warden

- Phased evacuation for high rise buildings

o Techniques and Procedures for Conducting Fire Investigations ...

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

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Phone:(65) 6543 0433

School Address/Venue(s):

1 Aviation Drive
Singapore 499867

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