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Mechanical Design



Mumbai, India

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AutoCAD is the most powerful and the most popular AUTOMATIC COMPUTER AIDED Drafting Program. We want to help you unlock AutoCAD’s power to do your design and drafting, work quickly and easily.

Topics Covered in AutoCAD:
1. Getting Started:
Starting & Closing AutoCAD
AutoCAD Interface Overview
Communicating With AutoCAD
Managing Your Drawing Files

2. Display Commands:
View Magnification
ZOOM Window
ZOOM Previous
ZOOM Extents & Zoom Object
ZOOM Scale
ZOOM & PAN In Real Time

3. Coordinates & Basic Drafting Tools:
Ort ...

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Phone:091-22-23676218, 091-22-23679302, 091-22-23671772

School Address/Venue(s):

Chinoy Mansion, First Floor, Block # 2, Opposite St. Stephens Church, Warden Road,
Mumbai(Bombay) - 400 036. India

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Travel Agencies: Mumbai

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Mechanical Design
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Mechanical Design
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