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Cardio-Care Therapist


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Devon, United Kingdom

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Heart problems are the greatest single cause of death in the western world. Yet in many other parts of the world that are less technologically developed, heart disease is very rare.

This course provides advice and information that will supplement, but never replace, medical advice.

Course Subjects
7 Lessons

Holistic Cardio-Care The Heart & How it Works Diet Exercise Smoking Stress Client Assessment Students obtaining 70% of more marks in the final examination will be awarded the BSY Diploma and are entitled to use the letters BSYA (Cardio) after their name.

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

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Phone:0800 731 9271 / 0044 1409 220 400

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BSY Group
Dunsland Cross
EX22 7YT
Great Britain

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