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Nutrition - The Science of Weight Loss

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment
School/Trainer: Polytechnic West
Venue(s): Perth, Australia

With the wealth of information on dieting on the internet and in the media, it is easy to be confused and stuck in the cycle of dieting and weight loss. Charlene is a registered specialist obesity dietician from the UK with 8 years experience in providing weight management raining and information to the public and health professionals. This course will provide an outline of the science behind the main nutrients in the diet and their role in weight management. There are no special secrets or products, just easy to understand information and a friendly expert to answer your questions and concerns.
Course Aims

Learn about the science behind common popular and celebrity diets. Understand the biology of how your body processes and stores energy from food (fat). Learn key skills to help monitor and control your weight for life. Learn the truth behind common diet myths and fads e.g. food eaten late at night is turned into fat or does eating too much sugar cause diabetes?

Weight Loss Naturally

Course Format: Online / Virtual / E-learning
School/Trainer: Endeavour College of Natural Health

Both emotionally and physically, obesity affects an indiscriminate group of people with far reaching consequences. Obesity creates ongoing issues for individuals, business and industry, families and the wider community.

This online course offers the skills and knowledge of how to measure obesity and also how simple changes in dietary habits can help control weight and promote a healthy life.

This course provides an insight into issues related to obesity and some important guidelines to weight loss by following a healthy and nutritious diet.

This includes:

The health implications of being overweight or obese
How weight is gained and measured
The key components of a healthy diet
Nutritional and lifestyle advice
This course is for anyone interested in taking a proactive stance for improving their health and weight management.

Nutrition and Weight Management

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment
School/Trainer: Endeavour College of Natural Health
Venue(s): Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Australia

The Nutrition and Weight Management Short Course provides fitness instructors with excellent skills and knowledge to be able to provide basic nutrition advice to clients.
With the popularity of shows like The Biggest Loser, nutrition is a hot topic and clients will love this added skill!

The course includes:

Ways to decrease body fat
Factors effecting body fat distribution and gain
Fad diets, common dieting techniques and strategies to change these attitudes
Body image
Psychological factors effecting food intake
Social influences on weight management
National trends in weight gain and what can be done to prevent this


Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment
School/Trainer: WEA
Venue(s): Adelaide, Australia

In one day you can restructure your lifestyle for permanent weight loss success. Get your mind right and your body will follow with all the excess kilograms melting away and you can even eat all of your favourite foods! Go on an exciting journey with your Personal Trainer Tutor who has lost 30kg himself.

Fitness (Diploma)

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment
School/Trainer: University of the Sunshine Coast
Venue(s): Sunshine Coast, Australia

Study a diploma and degree in four years
Combine vocational training with university education
Expand qualifications and career opportunities
In this dual degree, you undertake initial study at TAFE Queensland (Mooloolaba campus) and complete the degree at USC.

In this program you gain skills and knowledge to assist people who are considered to be moderately at risk when exercising. Areas of study include: postural appraisal and corrective exercise; the prevention and management of exercise related injuries; obesity and body composition management; and exercise strategies for individuals with disability, musculo-skeletal conditions, cardio-respiratory needs, metabolic disorders, or neurological impairments. You may undertake certificate-level study in the first year; contact the relevant institute for details.

Wellness & Weight Management

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment
School/Trainer: TAFE SA - Tea Tree Gully Campus
Venue(s): Modbury, Australia

Learn how different foods, herbs and over the counter supplements can help you and your body increase metabolism, increase fat burning and reduce cravings. Find ways to support your body biochemistry to unlock the secrets to a healthier more balanced you. Looks at nutrition, herbs and foods as well as alternative options in health care.

Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Course Format: Online / Virtual / E-learning
School/Trainer: Anne Arundel Community College

Establish a healthy approach to weight loss and successful lifetime maintenance. Set and achieve goals that make sense.

Lifestyle Redesign for Weight Management, Diabetes and Related Co-morbid Conditions

Course Format: Online / Virtual / E-learning
School/Trainer: USC Continuing Education

This course provides you with the knowledge and tools to implement an occupational therapy intervention for the prevention and/or management of overweight/obesity, bariatric surgery, diabetes/prediabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and other related diagnoses. This course provides detailed intervention materials and case studies to use in conjunction with the Lifestyle Redesign® Intro methodology course.

Participants will:

- Be able to provide occupational therapy intervention for patients with overweight/obesity, bariatric surgery, diabetes/pre-diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and other related diagnoses

- Understand the role of occupation in a weight loss/behavior modification intervention

- Understand the following topics and be able to integrate this knowledge into treatment: glycemic index/carbohydrates�impact on weight loss, the different types of fat and how these impact each diagnosis listed above and time management as a critical tool for weight loss

- Utilize treatment activities and ideas given in the course for this population

- Understand relevant documentation, billing and reimbursement issues when treating obesity and related diagnoses

- Understand best pract... [Read More]

Low Fat, Quick Cooking (Certificate)

Course Format: Online / Virtual / E-learning
School/Trainer: ExpertRating Solutions

Have you ever wished you had a personal chef preparing luscious, low-fat meals for you? This course is the next best thing! You’ll learn how to ferret out fat in recipes, and discover how to reduce fat without sacrificing flavor or texture. Learn how to prepare casseroles, crock-pot dishes, vegan dishes, oven-fried foods, meat-based meals, and many other entrees that are both nutritious and delicious!

Low fat food can be tasty as well as made as quickly as any other food. The important thing to remember about any food and most importantly low calorie food is the right kind of ingredients.

Weight Management (Certificate)

Course Format: Online / Virtual / E-learning
School/Trainer: ExpertRating Solutions

This is your best chance to get yourself certified as a Weight Management trainer from one of the leaders in online skill testing and certification.

Not only have you chosen a weight loss management program that is well recognized, but you have also made an important and wise decision to enter the personal well being and fitness industry as a Weight Loss Management Trainer. Today, when obesity is considered to be such a grave health issue and a serious medical condition, it is the most appropriate time to take a course that offers umpteen opportunities and diverse avenues to hard working and dedicated professionals in this industry.

Course Coverage Introduction to Weight Loss Management Course
An Obese World
Causes of Obesity
Health Risks of Obesity
Understanding Weight Loss and Fat Loss
Strategies for Losing Weight
Metabolism and Weight Loss
Diet Wise
Workouts for Weight Loss
Gender Differences, Aging and Weight Gain
Weight Management for Special Populations
Avoiding Weight Loss Pitfalls
Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle
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