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Ultrasound (Diploma)

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment
School/Trainer: The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences
Training Center(s): Toronto, Canada

A Diagnostic Medical Sonographer is a health care professional who performs ultrasound examinations, acquires sonographic images of the normal human anatomy as well as any abnormal or pathologic conditions and completes a technical report of their findings. The images and technical report are interpreted by the Radiologist in order to provide the patient diagnosis.

Sonographers are employed in the diagnostic imaging department of hospitals or private clinics. They can also be employed as application specialists, sales representatives, research assistants or educators. In all of these settings the sonographer has to display competency in their academic knowledge, their scanning skills as well as have exemplary communication (written, verbal, non-verbal, active listening, feedback) and collaboration skills in order to provide safe and quality patient care.

As a Sonographer in the clinical setting you need to be able to multi task, work efficiently, be physically fit, have excellent hand eye coordination and spatial reasoning in order to scan and differentiate normal from abnormal findings. You need to be able to problem solve by relating the patients ... [Read More]

Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Diploma)

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment
School/Trainer: St. Clair College
Training Center(s): Windsor, Canada

This advanced diploma program will prepare the graduate for entry-to-practice as a General Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (Ultrasound Technologist). Simulation labs and clinical placement settings will expose the student to practical learning. Course work includes clinical application courses, sonographic physics, sonographic identification of normal and abnormal anatomy, physiology, pathology, and patho-physiology of the abdomen, pelvis, and small parts of the adult, pediatric, and fetal patient, and comprehensive exam reviews. Utilizing advanced knowledge of cross-sectional anatomy, pathology, and physical applications, a sonographer performs examinations to provide diagnostic ultrasound images for interpretation by a medical radiologist. As a member of a health-care team, the sonographer will produce images of internal body structures utilizing a variety of hand-held acoustical scanning probes and imaging techniques. The profession requires critical thinking skills, judgment, and the ability to provide safe and competent health care.

The overall program goals and objectives are aligned with the current National Competency Profiles (NCP) for the Generalist,... [Read More]


Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment
School/Trainer: Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology
Training Center(s): Sudbury, Canada

Cambrian College&,#146,s CMA-accredited Diagnostic Medical Sonography program provides the learner the opportunity to gain the skills, knowledge, and professional practice required of an entry-to-practice diagnostic medical sonographer. The diagnostic medical sonographer safely uses equipment that emits sound waves to produce images of a body part or system. The sonographer provides information to the physician and comfort and safety to the patient and is an important and essential member of the health care team.

Sonographers use scanning probes and imaging techniques to demonstrate anatomy and suspected pathology. A comprehensive base of medical knowledge is required for entry-to-practice. Images can be acquired throughout the different departments of a clinical facility including the trauma unit, operating room, and intenstive care area, as well as the diagnostic imaging department. This program prepares graduates as entry-to-practice diagnostic sonographers in the Canadian health care system as established by the National Competency Profiles of the Canadian Association of Registered Diagnostic Ultrasound Professionals. The sonographer must be willing to ... [Read More]

Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Diploma)

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment
School/Trainer: Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
Training Center(s): Edmonton, Canada

Diagnostic Medical Sonography prepares students to conduct ultrasound examinations, focusing on obstetrics and gynecology, abdomen and superficial structures, cardiac sonography and vascular sonographic studies.

Students receive theoretical and clinical training in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program. Overall program goals and objectives are directly related to the current National Competency Profile (NCP), Version 4.2 approved by the Canadian Association of Registered Diagnostic Ultrasound Professionals (CARDUP) and the Canadian Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (CSDMS) boards.

Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography (Certificate)

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment
School/Trainer: Mohawk College
Training Center(s): Hamilton, Canada

Develop theoretical and clinical competency in the field of cardiac sonography
Gain extensive laboratory and clinical practice experience
Utilize state-of-the-art equipment
Participate in two semesters (12 weeks each term) of clinical training with affiliated clinical agencies
Graduates take the following American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) examinations: Sonography Principles and Instrumentation, Adult Echocardiography

Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Diploma)

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment
School/Trainer: British Columbia Institute of Technology
Training Center(s): Burnaby, Canada

Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ultrasound) is a rapidly expanding medical technique. A probe (transducer) that is moved over the body to obtain images of various body structures emits high-frequency sound waves. This technique provides valuable diagnostic information regarding the underlying anatomy and pathology that may be present. Unlike X-rays, diagnostic ultrasound is a non-ionizing technique. To date, no significant biological effects have been demonstrated.

A diagnostic medical sonographer is a medical professional who performs ultra sound examinations under the supervision of a physician. Areas of particular interest include the abdomen, the pregnant and non-pregnant female pelvis, the vascular system, and the heart.

More than 200 applications were received for the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program for September 2010. This resulted in a very competitive admission process for only 24 seats.

The successful applicants graduated from high school an average of 6 years ago (range of 1 ?12). 87% have some post secondary education and 41% have completed a post secondary credential. All applicants have work experience including a third who have h... [Read More]


Course Format: Online / Virtual Classroom / Webinar
School/Trainer: Austin Community College

The Diagnostic Medical and Cardiac Sonography and Vascular Technology courses are restricted to currently practicing ultrasound technicians and registered sonographers for the purpose of registry preparation and/or fulfillment of ARDMS CME requirements. Contact the Sonography Department Chair for approval for registration. The courses are web-based (on-line courses utilize the ACC web-based course delivery system, Blackboard). Please see individual course description for more information. Continuous registration is available through a date range listed in CE schedule.

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