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Windows Administrator, VMware ,System Administrator jobs in Sydney /Melbourne / Perth, , Australia

  Windows /VMware
Job applicant (1333) wants Windows Administrator, VMware ,System Administrator job in Sydney /Melbourne / Perth, , Australia

Industry: IT-Software/Software Services
Functional Area: IT / Administration / Maintenance

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Continuous value addition to excel in the chosen field and thrive for the betterment of my organization, my society and myself to become a part of winning team, which invents paths tofuture and provides paths to others.


Symantec Software and Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
?Symantec is a one of world’s topmost companies in Storage Management, Security and Backup Software Utilities.
Presently Working ?November 2007 –till date
CMS Computers Ltd.
Site ?Symantec Corporation (Formerly Veritas Software Pvt. Ltd)
Pune (January 2006- October 2007).
? Veritas Software Pvt. Ltd. is a one of world’s topmost companies in Storage Management, Security and Backup Software Utilities.
Worked as a Team Lead compromising team of 15 Engineers.
Business Link Automation India Ltd.
Site - Mphasis BPO (MsourcE India Pvt. Ltd)
Kalyani Nagar, Pune (April 2005 ?December 2006)

? MsourcE Corporation is a leading, remote e-services company providing value to its clients through high quality in- and out-bound call centers, e-mail/chat, helpdesk and other operations services such as investigations, collections, new applications, reconcilement, settlement and others.

Work Profile:
?Installation, configuration and Troubleshooting Windows based network with Windows 2003 & 2000 Server and Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP as a client.
?Installation of Various Unix based O.S Linux, Solaris.HP-UX.
?Installation, Configuration of Active Directory setup on Windows 2003.
?Configuring Remote Installation server (RIS) and deploying image for various processes.
?Administering Windows 2003 File and Print servers
?Patch Management on Windows servers deployed through WSUS server.
?Managing remote connection of Citrix

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