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Property Services (Real Estate Salesperson) - Online

School/Trainer: Open Training and Education Network
Strathfield, Australia

This is a WSI PLUS course, which will be of benefit to people who want to work in the Real Estate Industry in the areas of sales, property management or corporate support/reception, and who want to apply for a Real Estate Certificate of Registration. This course should be completed BEFORE starting work in the Real Estate industry. Students will achieve competency in the units: CPPDSM3019A - Communicate with clients as part of agency operations, CPPDSM4080A - Work in the real estate sector, CPPDSM4008A - Identify legal and ethical requirements of property sales to complete agency work CPPDSM4007A - Identify legal and ethical requirements of property manager to complete agency work

Property Services (Agency) - Online

School/Trainer: Open Training and Education Network
Strathfield, Australia

This TVET course is a NSW Board of Studies developed course. When you finish, you will have the educational requirements for a Certificate of Registration to work within a Real Estate or a Stock and Station agency in NSW. Additionally, the skills attained will enable you to assist with the management and marketing of residential property as well as working in a corporate support role in a property office. This TVET course will be of benefit to people who are interested in working in the various sectors of the property industry.

Property Market Analysis - Online

School/Trainer: GradSchool
Newcastle, Australia

Develop the students understanding of property markets through the completion of an individual property market research project. The structure and key determinants of property markets are examined, and property cycles and risks are analysed.

Objectives On completion of this course students should be able to:
(1) Understand the structure and key determinants of property markets,
(2) Ability to analyse the property market including property cycles and associated risk factors
(3) Ability to complete a property market analysis report by developing, organizing, analyzing and presenting a coherent and well supported argument based on evidence.
Content 1. Introduction to property market analysis
2. Economy and property markets
3. Structure and key determinants of property markets
4. Research design and planning to identify research objectives and methods
5. Research design and planning to identify variables and data collection
6. Basic analysis techniques - statistical analysis
7. Advanced analysis techniques - regression analysis
8. Risk measurement and forecasting techniques - time series models
9. Cases of property market analysis for residential properties
10. Cases of property market analysis for commercial properties
11. Cases of property market analysis for retail properties

Property Investment and Evaluation - Online

School/Trainer: GradSchool
Newcastle, Australia

Focuses on investment analysis of residential and commercial properties. Property valuation, investment decision techniques and risk analysis tools are reviewed and their core concepts, principles and techniques are examined.

Objectives 1. Understand the fundamental concepts, principles and techniques for property valuation
2. Ability to analyze real estate appraisal process and to apply software and techniques for real estate investment decision-making practices.
Content 1. Property valuation
- Property valuation approaches
- National and international valuation standards
- Valuation strategies and processes

2. Investment appraisal:
- Time value of money
- Market research and analysis,
- Discounted cash flow analysis
- Investment analysis techniques
- Risk analysis
- Software for investment appraisal
- Statistical forecasting techniques

Real Estate Appraisal - Online

School/Trainer: Kaplan Professional Schools - California
Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, United States

Kaplan Real Estate Education is partnering with Career WebSchool to offer online appraisal courses in California. Whether you are looking to qualify for your appraisal licensing exam, review for the actual exam, or earn continuing education afterwards, Kaplan has the tools you need for success.

Real Estate Agent Licensing - Online

School/Trainer: Kaplan Professional Schools - California
Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, United States

At Kaplan, we’re giving education a makeover by making it accessible to you. We offer a full line of Licensing courses to get your career off to a great start…on your terms. Kaplan is known throughout the world for our innovative education delivery formats—including our industry-leading OnDemand online review, which is changing the way real estate students learn. If you prefer traditional in-person learning, we do that, too—with Live Classroom courses in San Diego, Los Angeles, Irvine, and San Francisco.

If you enroll in our OnDemand Review Package or Home Study Package, you’ll receive access to Kaplan’s Interactive Study Group. The Interactive Study Group covers all the state and national licensing content in live webinars designed to make distance learners part of the class through full access to our real estate industry experts. Join our expert faculty and other students for a lively discussion of topics. Prepare any questions you may have and bring them to the study groups, the goal is to keep you on track to finish your education, reinforce key concepts covered in your courses, and provide the opportunity for you to interact with Kaplan’s faculty and learn from other students.

Kaplan’s new Interactive Study Group…just one more innovative way to show our commitment to you!

Hotel Real Estate Investments and Asset Management - Online

School/Trainer: eCornell
Ithaca, United States

Well-structured hotel real estate investments create win-win situations, where all parties enjoy rewards and benefits. The best way to approach a real estate investment deal is to understand it from all sides and identify individual motivations. Understanding the financial and operational aspects of real estate investments, asset management, and management contracts is essential for mid-level and senior management in hospitality and real estate.

This certificate series focuses complex real estate and management contracts through the eyes of property owners, operators, and lenders. You’ll examine real-world leasing arrangements and learn about valuation, financing, equity structuring, exit strategies and much more about real estate investment and asset management.

Control of Hotel Real Estate - Online

School/Trainer: eCornell
Ithaca, United States

In most hotels, the physical ownership of the property is separated from the control and management of the hotel. This course explores the ways in which hotel investors separate ownership from control of the hotel and examines the two major decisions faced by owners: first, what are the benefits and costs of franchise affiliation? Second, under what conditions should an owner hire a professional operator?

Participants will learn how management contracts are negotiated and about the motivations of each negotiating party. They will learn to prepare term sheets from the perspectives of both owners and operators to provide insight into how to structure the most advantageous deal. This course also examines contemporary hotel leases prevalent around the world.

MBA in Real Estate - Online

School/Trainer: Florida State University
Tallahassee, United States

Florida State University’s Online MBA program offers a rigorous set of flex courses focused on real estate finance and analysis. This is one of the largest and most successful programs in the nation, and it will prepare you to effectively master the ever-changing marketplace while advancing your management skills.

From the convenience of home or office, you will benefit from world-renowned faculty and an innovative curriculum and be able to apply what you learn immediately to the workplace. Close collaboration among students, faculty, alumni and the business community is a hallmark of the program.

The Real Estate Program at FSU is home to the Center for Real Estate Education & Research, which fosters interaction through activities that include an annual Real Estate Trends & Networking Conference, the Evan D. Jennings Executive Speaker Series, Market Strategy Forums for senior executives, research symposiums and other forums in which executives and scholars can exchange ideas and share insights.

Real Estate Appraisal - Online

School/Trainer: TCC Regional Workforce Development Center
Suffolk, United States

Course covers the major principles behind the various approaches to valuing real estate. Learn the forces that create and affect the real estate market. Learn the steps in the appraisal process, the various types of capitalization, and mathematical computations/statistics needed for appraising.

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