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DIGITAL ARTS (Associate Degree) (Bachelor Degree)

This course explores production and editing techniques for digital video, animation and sound. Students are given extensive hands on experience of video sound recording equipment and its peripherals. Professional quality post production techniques are explored using non-linear editing, 3D and image processing software and sound enhancing software.

ILLUSTRATION (Associate Degree) (Bachelor Degree)

This course will be offered by the School of Visual Arts. Through Sketchbook practice, students learn to note down concepts and develop them. They also intensify their knowledge of techniques in photography, drawing, painting and use of color. Traditional techniques are applied and extended in classes in electronic imaging, involving programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

ADVERTISING (Associate Degree) (Bachelor Degree)

A course consisting of principles of advertising. Advertising is a modern profession with a lot of opportunities in Pakistan. This course aims at providing basic information about techniques and working of advertising as an art and business.

CDMA (Associate Degree) (Bachelor Degree)

Overview of CDMA 95 and CDMA 2000. CDMA Coding Channels. System attributes and features. Signalling, Registration and Data Transfer. Physical Radio Carriers (Channels), Logical Channels. Speech Coding. Soft Capacity. Beam Forming.

GSM (Associate Degree) (Bachelor Degree)

The course is an intensive, system-oriented overview of GSM in all its deployments, which uses the radio interface signaling protocols to illustrate the system’s characteristics and operation. It is designed to prepare students for further involvement with GPRS and UTMS networks and technologies.

SIGNALS, SYSTEMS & DSP (Associate Degree) (Bachelor Degree)

Introduction To Signals & Systems, Different Types of Signals, Properties of Systems, Fourier Series and Fourier Transforms, ESD, PSD, Properties & Applications of Fourier Transforms, Convolution, Correlation Function, Block Diagram & Transfer Function, Laplace Transform and Inverse Transform, Solution of LTI Systems, Importance, Pole-Zeroes LTI Systems, Response of System To Different Inputs, Introduction To Difference Equation, Analogue Filters. Fundamentals; theory and application; discrete time signals, the Z-transform; input output relationship; discrete time networks; discrete ... [Read More]

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