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Traffic Signal Design (Associate Degree)

In the current climate of ever increasing traffic on the roads, junction capacity has become an important issue. One tool in the fight to improve capacity on the country’s roads is Traffic Management and an increasingly important way to achieve that is well designed/maintained traffic signals. This course will enable the delegate to undertake basic signal design and so aid in improving capacity and thus keeping traffic moving.

Aims and Objectives:
The course aims to provide delegates with the skills necessary to undertake basic signal design as an aid to better Traffi... [Read More]

Traffic Data Collection, Analysis and Validation Workshop (Associate Degree)

Any traffic analysis and subsequent design has to be based on sound data. Any work based on inaccurate or unreliable traffic data is open to question at a later stage. Correcting such uncertainty can lead to delays and significant extra cost. It is important to be sure that traffic data are appropriate, and collected in a controlled and auditable manner to avoid such issues. However, often budgets for data collection are limited, and it is important to understand the risks run by constraining budgets. There is always a tension in deciding how much to spend in order to reduce risk. Th... [Read More]

Priority Junction Operation and Capacity Analysis (Associate Degree)

The basic skills traffic engineers and planners need include understanding how junctions work, and how to assess how they will perform in practice. Traffic engineers and planners also need to be able to understand the limitations of such analyses. The most common way of assessing priority junctions and roundabouts is by using PICADY or ARCADY - industry-standard computer analysis packages. This course provides a basic understanding of how T-junctions, crossroads and roundabouts operate and are designed, including the principles of priority control on which the assessment methodology ... [Read More]

Temporary Works Design (Associate Degree)

A one day course covering a wide variety of temporary works design principles and practical examples of good practice. Three years practical construction experience and limited design experience is assumed of delegates.
Course Objectives:
To raise awareness of basic design principles and practical site issues.
To aid designers in producing economic and practical designs.
To raise awareness of designers’ responsibilities to consider temporary works under CDM regulations.

Course Outline:
Use of basic design principles and design charts.
Gathering and i... [Read More]

Site Temporary Works (Associate Degree)

A 1 or 2 day appreciation of legal, safety and practical issues associated with temporary works on site. Subjects covered can be tailored to suit specific client requirements from an approved list given below.

Limited previous experience is assumed.

Course Objectives:
Be the first part of a companies’ procedure for appointing competent and suitably trained "temporary works coordinators".
To help prevent accidents by raising awareness of common site temporary works problems and to provide safe, economic and practical "rules of thumb" solut... [Read More]

Sheet Piling & Cofferdams Workshop (Associate Degree)

The direct and consequential cost of temporary works is a significant portion of the total cost of a civil engineering or building project. It is therefore essential that proper attention is paid to the economic design, construction and safety aspects of these works.

The simple principles of installation and extraction will be explained, together with numerous practical hints based on the lecturer’s 30 years of experience. The main types of plant and equipment will be covered, as will the adoption of the principles of safe trenching.

Sources of information, and cos... [Read More]

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