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2015 Electronics Courses
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Power Electronics and Switch Mode Power Supply Workshop

Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, South Africa

IDC Technologies South Africa

Power electronic circuits have revolutionized almost every device that we use today from PC’s to TV’s, microwave ovens and heavy industrial drives. This workshop gives you a fundamental understanding of the basic components that form a SMPS design. You will understand how the selection of components affects the different performance parameters and operation of the SMPS. Typical pra......

Industrial Electronics for Engineers and Technicians Workshop

Industrial electronics has become an integral part of our businesses. A working knowledge of electronics has now become a prerequisite for efficiency in the work place. This two-day workshop will ’demystify’ the world of electronics to you and equip you to understand, identify and confidently troubleshoot electronic problems. You will gain the vital knowledge that you need to: mult......

Signal Processing for Power Systems 2015NEW

Colorado State University OnlinePlus

Signal processing tools for analyzing power systems, voltage frequency, magnitude variations, unbalance, wave form distortion....

Manufacturing Processes for Electronics and Electrical Systems 2015

IIT School of Applied Technology

The materials used in Electronic and Electrical (E&E) manufacturing will be reviewed including materials and components that are used to produce chips, PCBs, and wiring systems. Focus will be on the processes for producing the range of parts and products included in this broad sector. Automation for producing parts and assemblies will be covered. Techniques covered will include surface mounted ......

Industrial Applications of Power Electronics and Motor Drives 2015

IIT Armour College of Engineering

Practical topologies of different types of power electronic converters are covered including industrial high-voltage and high-current applications, protection, and cooling. Common industrial motor drives are examined with popular control techniques, simplified modeling, and worst-case design. Regulating and stabilizing methods are applied to switching power supplies, power conditioning systems,......

Advanced Power Electronics 2015

Advanced power electronic convertors, techniques to model and control switching circuits, resonant converts, Pulse-Width-Modulation (PWM) techniques, soft-switching methods, and low-voltage high-current design issues are studied. Single-phase and multi-phase, controlled and uncontrolled rectifiers and inverters with different operating techniques and their design and control issues are explained....

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