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Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization 2016

Colorado State University OnlinePlus

This course describes and critically assesses the major issues and stages of developing a pharmaceutical, medical device, in vitro diagnostic or tissue product. Topics covered include design and discovery phases, preclinical development, clinical investigation, manufacturing and regulatory issues. Topics also covered are the economic and financial considerations of the medical device developmen......

Medical Device, IVD and Human Tissue Product Discovery to Commercialization 2016

This course describes and critically assesses the major issues and stages of developing a medical device, in vitro diagnostic or tissue product. Topics covered include design and discovery phase, preclinical development, clinical investigation, manufacturing and regulatory issues. Topics also covered are the economic and financial considerations of the medical device development process. A mult......

Medical Terminology 2016

This course emphasizes definition and use of medical terms. It is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the medical vocabulary necessary for subsequent coursework in health-related fields. This course covers the use of word parts, medical terms, word building skills, spelling, abbreviations, and medical records....

Emergency Medical Services Management 2016

Emergency medical service models, design implementation evaluation. Interactions with health care systems, public and public health systems. This course involves a series of practical applications of different EMS Management exercises-designed to prepare the student regarding EMS operations and administration....

Medical Device Industry Regulatory Affairs 2016

Laws and regulations governing the medical device, in-vitro diagnostic and human tissue industries in the U.S., E.U. and Canada....

Biomedical Engineering (Master Degree) 2016

Biomedical engineering lies at the intersection of biomedical challenges and engineering solutions. This coursework-only, professional biomedical engineering master’,s degree provides a transdisciplinary focus on improving health, fighting disease, and aiding persons with disabilities. The master’,s in biomedical engineering is uniquely positioned to offer educational strengths in engin......

Advanced Biomedical Instrumentation 2016

College of Extended Learning - UNB

This course deals with the problems and solutions encountered when applying biomedical instrumentation techniques to human subjects. The emphasis throughout the course is on the use of surface electrodes, however many of the concepts apply to other areas of instrumentation. Throughout the course the conflict between designing for best electrical performance and ensuring patient safety is hi......

Health & Medical Informatics (Master Degree) 2016

Brandeis University

The Master of Science in Health and Medical Informatics program is designed for professionals who possess the analytical skills, organizational leadership abilities and the knowledge of health information management systems required for improving health care delivery. Students will learn IT standards in the health industry, examine emerging technologies for their capacity to improve health ca......

Legal Issues in Health and Medical Informatics 2016

This course will offer students an opportunity to understand an historical perspective of Health Law, including how to assess liability in the workplace, the impact of information management and health care records, medical malpractice, risk management, current ethical and legal dilemmas in the practice of health care. This course focuses on some of the legal issues encountered in creating elec......

Health/Medical Information Systems Security 2016

This course addresses security, privacy, and compliance issues as they impact health information systems. The course explores and evaluates the moral and ethical concepts of information security. Students will explore security issues including restricted access and physical security of hardware/software along with the evaluation of information security tools. The course covers health data integ......

Post Graduate diploma in Medical Transcription (Certificate)

Global Institute of Health Science India

This GIHS program will prepare to work in Medical Transcription industry. Medical Transcriptionist Medical Editor Medical Proofer Medical Super-proofer...

Post Graduate diploma in Medical Radiology Technology Management (Certificate)

This GIHS Medical Radiology Technology Program in management designed to deliver brief knowledge in the specific essential modality of Medical Radiology Management and to build the students for leadership roles in healthcare industry/ hospitals/ diagnostic labs/ research centers and provide professional growth to the students in the various specializations....

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