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Boris (FX, RED and Graffiti)
Boris Text & Title Animation, Effects, Filters & Compositing
Certified Utility Arborist


Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: Electrical Industry Training Institute
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Ferndale, United States

This program is for persons seeking a career
as a Utility Arborist. This course is designed for
people with an aptitude for horticulture who need
to understand the challenges of working in close
proximity to high voltage power lines.
?6 week program
?40% classroom instruction, including manuals,
classroom exercises, and tests
?60% hands-on instruction, including tools,
simulations, and practicum in the field.
?Safety hazards working near energized electrical
equipment, structures and conductors
?OSHA regulations and ANSI standards
?Environmental awareness
?Tree health and evaluation
?Pruning trees, shrubs and vines
?Arboriculture best practices
?Felling trees and removal
?Climbing, rigging, and fall protection
?Aerial lifts and bucket trucks
?Safe chipper operation
?Other equipment operation (eg: chain saws)
?Students must successfully complete the
program with a grade of 70%. This includes a
final written exam and practical assessment
?Further practical apprenticeship training ... [Read More]

Non-Linear Video Editing & Visual Effects (Diploma)

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: R. K. Convent School Educational Society
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): New Delhi, India

Editing film and video is about movement, choreography, the play of light, color, and graphics. And beyond all that, it’s all about psychology. Video editing has come a long way since the days of linear tape-to-tape editing. With the introduction of high-speed computer systems capable of capturing, manipulating, and outputting real-time high-quality video, the era of digital video began.

The Non-Linear Film (Video) Editing course offered at the professional Video (Films) Editing Studios of R. K. Films & Media Academy in New Delhi is developed & designed to give its students a very professional & high-end knowledge with an understanding of what digital video editing is and how it can be used to achieve greater creative flexibility as well as a savings of both time and cost. Non-linear editing for film and television post-production is a modern editing method that involves being able to access any frame in a video clip with the same ease as any other.

Avid & Final Cut Studio editing is one of the standard non-linear editing platform used by broadcasters and film producers around the world. RKFMA has also collaborated with professional films & video edit... [Read More]

Certified Utility Arborist

Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: Electrical Industry Training Institute
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Surrey, Canada

A Certified Utility Arborist is a formal apprenticeship and upon completion provides the individual with a Certificate of Qualifications and a Certificate of Apprenticeship as provided by the Industry Training Authority [ITA].

A Certified Utility Arborist is a person who undertakes any work required to prune or clear vegetation in proximity [defined as a distance of three meters or less from a primary conductor with a voltage of 750 volts or higher] to energized electrical equipment, structures and conductors or who in the course of utility line clearing operations, prunes, falls or removes trees which could come into contact with energized power lines.

The program is structured to provide both in - school and work - based training with two correspondence courses also being required.

To be successful an apprentice must complete a total of 2387 hrs of on the job related work with not less than 1200 hours of these hours working in close proximity to high voltage conductors.

As an apprentice the person will attend two Levels of training with Level 1 being four weeks and Level 2 being two weeks. During and at the conclusion of each Level an app... [Read More]

Boris Text & Title Animation, Effects, Filters & Compositing

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Video Symphony TV & Film School
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Los Angeles, United States

"Designed specifically for editors and artists, Boris Red offers an unprecedented range of features. This two-day course begins by familiarizing students with the power, flexibility and speed of Boris Red for generation of professional-grade animation and compositing -- as used in commercials and movie trailers, for example. The course provides hands-on experience with advanced title techniques, write-on effects, and automated credit rolls. Finally, students focus on effects and image compositing in 2D and 3D, using special effects filters, color keying, mattes, color manipulation, masking images and nested effects.

Boris Red is an essential addition to the toolbox of any serious editor or motion graphics artist"

Boris (FX, RED and Graffiti) (Certificate)

Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: Comprehensive Technical Group
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Atlanta, United States

This class is divided into two one-day modules. Day one covers effects, filters and compositing. The class explores the compositing and filter tools used in Boris FX and RED. Both products work as a plug-in application for nonlinear editing systems including Avid, Media 100, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. Since Boris FX and RED share a common user interface this class is appropriate for users of either product. Any features that are RED-only are noted in the Student Guide. Day two covers text and title animation using the title application built into Boris RED and Graffiti. This class is appropriate for RED customers as well as stand-alone Graffiti users. Each one-day class can be taken separately for $495. Prerequisites: Basic Macintosh or Windows experience required.

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