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FPSO & FLNG Project Management

Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: Equip Global Pte Ltd
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Singapore, Singapore

This interactive Training Course will address the key aspects of oil and gas Project Management issues for FPSO &, FLNG Projects. This includes from the Conceptual Study to award of the EPC Project to safely and successful handover of the Project to the Client in accordance with budget, schedule and overall project requirements. Course participants will benefit from the trainer鈥檚 experiences in managing Projects for Contractor and Client basis. With his management skills and knowledge in both Onshore and Offshore Oil &, Gas, Mike will share his tips with participants on effective strategies to managing Projects.

Key Topics Covered
鈥?Conceptual Study, FEED and other related studies before the start of EPC Projects
鈥?Key aspects in an EPC Contract
鈥?Identify Key deliverables against time schedule
鈥?Produce a successful Project Plan and Strategy
鈥?Client鈥檚 and Contractor areas of Responsibility in the Project
鈥?Managing Key personnel for EPC and other parts of the Project Organization
鈥?Project Reporting Structure and Schedule Timeline
鈥?Managing the Engineering, Procurement and the Construction phas... [Read More]

Joint Venture Accounting and IFRS for the Oil & Gas Industry

Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: Equip Global Pte Ltd
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Singapore, Singapore

This 5-day training course also covers a number of issues regarding the relationships between operators and non-operators in joint ventures, the financing of joint venture operations and the reporting of joint costs. Our expert instructors also describe internal accounting for the costs and revenues from joint operations from the individual participant鈥檚 point-of-view.

By attending this training course, you will gain the following
鈥?Understand and know how to apply a series of major financial accounting principles and standards that are particularly relevant to upstream oil and gas activities
鈥?Master essential knowledge of standards and frameworks in the IFRS relevant to oil &, gas joint venture activites
鈥?Demonstrate proficiency and understanding of the key ideas and concepts of Joint Venture accounting.
鈥?Understand differences between IFRS and US GAAP in Joint Venture accounting.
鈥?Understand the different types of Joint Venture agreements found worldwide and the accounting implications of each.
鈥?Understand the different methods of Joint Venture asset accounting, full cost and successful efforts including acquisitio... [Read More]

Asset Integrity Management

Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: Equip Global Pte Ltd
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Singapore, Singapore

Best Practices proven in application at pacesetter sites involve consolidated know-how in design, engineering, construction, operation, reliability, maintenance and integrity of facilities, systems and equipment. Benchmark, transfer and application of Best Practices should be carried out in smart, and well thought your process in line with human resource competence expectations.

Best Practices Elements

1 Management Leadership, Commitment and Accountability

2 Risk Assessment and Management

3 Facilities Design and Construction

4 Process and Facilities Information and Documentation

5 Personnel and Training

6 Operations and Maintenance

6.1. Site Plans and Objectives

6.2 Operating Envelope

6.3 Equipment Strategy

6.4 Work Selection

6.5 Routine Work Planning, Scheduling and Execution

6.6 Turnaround/Shutdown Work Planning, Scheduling and Execution

6.7 Loss Monitoring and Response

6.8 Operator Care

6.9 Abnormal and Non-Routine Operations

6.10 Performance Improvement

7 Manag... [Read More]

Reliability Centered Maintenance

Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: Equip Global Pte Ltd
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Singapore, Singapore

Key Learning Objectives

FMRIMS@RCM/RBI/IPF, Reliability Cantered Maintenance (RCM) pacesetting process outlined in the seminar will assure facilities integrity and reliability preventing any undesirable HSE impact resulting from loss of containment and function failure considering but not limited to:

路 Creating job plans for all maintenance and inspection activities

路 Validating the Maintainable Equipment List (MEL) and preparation of a hierarchy

路 MEL criticality assessment

路 Conducting Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) and Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) reviews on critical systems and equipment

路 Identifying equipment reliability strategies

路 Preparation of scheduled maintenance procedures

路 Preparation of corrective maintenance procedures

路 Creation of 鈥榮pares to job plan鈥?listing, identifying all spares required to undertake the job

路 Creation of 鈥榟ow to do鈥?maintenance craft procedures

路 Creation of man-hour estimates per discipline for all activities

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Pipeline Integrity Management & Risk Assessment Workshop

Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: Equip Global Pte Ltd
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Singapore, Singapore

The increasing use of high-technology inspection and maintenance methods are helping pipeline owners to assess the condition of their lines, and if these modern maintenance methods are combined with modern defect-assessment methods, they can provide a very powerful and cost-effective tool. This course will provide attendees best practices on how to manage gathered data from various inspection techniques and apply them in modelling the potential failures. It will also teach attendees on how to optimize the inspection and maintenance resources to develop a comprehensive integrity management program covering both pipelines and their associated facilities.

The necessary elements of such a program are described in detail with examples of typical program content including an overarching view of where detailed Risk Analysis and Defect Assessment fits in the Program. The course is highly interactive and takes the form of lectures, workshops, and case studies.

Key Topics Covered

路 Pipeline Engineering Principles &, Pipeline Integrity Management

路 Principles and Practice of Data Collection and Management
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Management of Shipyard Inspection, Commissioning & Handover Delivery

Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: Equip Global Pte Ltd
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Singapore, Singapore

Capitalise On Expert Knowledge to Gain Maximum Value on These Vital Issues:
鈥?UNDERSTAND the work processes used for the design and construction of all types of offshore units
鈥?DEVELOP pre-planning of onsite activities to match contract specifications
鈥?MASTER a structured approach to yard site inspections
鈥?IDENTIFY potential cost effective alternatives to inspection tests
鈥?LEARN the principles and practices associated with commissioning work
鈥?INCREASE knowledge on efficient yard site punch lists
鈥?APPLY new procedures for investigating outstanding works
鈥?IMPROVE compliance, safety and environmental performances
鈥?CLARIFY final takeover requirements
鈥?DEVELOP updated guidelines on commissioning procedures
鈥?FOCUS on key technical and commercial questions that will help commissioning team of engineers representing the owner, check the construction, outstanding work and the operational performance of units

Why You Cannot Miss This Event?

The course is designed to help participants acquire an advanced knowledge on the requirements of offshore installations and commissioning activities.Read More]

Finance for Non-Finance Professionals in Oil & Gas and Fiscal Systems

Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: Equip Global Pte Ltd
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Singapore, Singapore

This 3-day course provides non finance professionals working in the industry with an overview of the industry, commercial drivers and specific coverage of the finance and accounting issues directly related to oil and gas organisations. Non-financial professionals, engineering and technical specialists and other skilled professionals will gain insight into the primary functions of their company and industry and an appreciation of how to read and interpret financial information. Financial statements and ratio analysis will benefit all in understanding the relative merits and performance of companies in the industry.

By attending this training course, you will gain the following

路 Familiarise participants with the commercial drivers and the importance of the finance function

路 Better understand strategies to improve profitability and therefore shareholder value

路 Identify key decision makers

路 Highlight the relationship between speed and profitability

路 Enable participants to become fluent in the finance language spoken by finance and accounting personnel

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Local content management for Oil & Gas

Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: Equip Global Pte Ltd
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Singapore, Singapore

This 2-day intensive training course has been specially researched and designed to provide you with the relevant tips and information to manage and navigate local content requirements. It will draw on application, implementation and operation of local content programmes in every stage of the project. The course will also discusses the business benefits of developing the primary components of a local content strategy, including building local workforce and supplier capacity, integrating local content with business plans and successfully monitoring the programmes. Whether you are developing your policy now or want to scale up you local content models, you will get practical insight into what works best for your region.

By attending this training course, you will gain the following
鈥?Learn local content regulations and requirements in key oil &, gas producing nations around the world
鈥?Emerging markets 鈥?find out local content development and implications for you
鈥?Understand the latest updates to local content calculation methodology and its impact to your projects and planning
鈥?Learn how you can bring down the cost of your internal ... [Read More]

Effective Maintenance planning and scheduling

Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: Equip Global Pte Ltd
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Singapore, Singapore

By attending this training course, you will gain the following

路 Find out the Giant checklist of issues to consider before the shutdown

路 Understand when and how to say no to added work

路 Use Gantt, CPM and PERT charts effectively

路 What documents to save and how to organize them

路 Break major jobs into activities

路 Set up your shutdown team for smooth functioning

路 Know where to look for help on estimates

路 Find out what shifts &, structures to use and how much they really cost.

路 Understand specific safety risks to your workers

路 Controlling a shutdown effectively

路 Project management software to assist the process

路 What to do if a shutdown gets into trouble?

路 Calculating the critical paths (even if you don鈥檛 have software)

路 Which work orders and tasks should come first?

路 Evaluate the effectiveness of your current shutdown

路 Where to find some great Internet-... [Read More]

Oil & Gas Budgeting and Forecasting Modelling

Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: Equip Global Pte Ltd
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Singapore, Singapore

By attending this training course, you will gain the following

路 Ways to improve efficiencies in the budgeting and forecasting processes by gaining valuable skills in advanced Excel functions

路 How to allow for uncertainty and model different business scenarios?

路 How to apply a sound methodology that will allow complex Budget and Forecast models that are flexible, robust and user-friendly?

路 Advanced ways of analyzing data to determine trends and using these to forecast future performance

路 Utilize external data to enhance the accuracy of forecasts

路 Alternate budget methodologies and how to determine which methodology applies best in different situations

路 Ways to use the advanced features of Excel to optimize models and achieve maximum efficiency within constraints

Key Learning Outcomes

路 Discover a range of techniques to improve the usability and reliability of your budget and forecast models.

路 Learn how to integrate budgeting and forecasting and align these processes with your busi... [Read More]

Exploration and Production

Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: Equip Global Pte Ltd
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Singapore, Singapore

By attending this training course, you will gain the following
鈥?Understand principles and practices of Petroleum Exploration and Production
鈥?Understand the technical terminology, tools and methods used in the exploration and production phase
鈥?Understand key concepts, applications and terminology associated with the acquisition, processing and interpretation of exploration, production and seismic data
鈥?Learn technical processes involved in exploration and production
鈥?Gain a comprehensive overview of drilling activities 鈥?from pre-drilling preparation, through to well drilling, well evaluation and post drilling activities
鈥?Get familiarized with common production methods and the different stages of its processes

Key Topics Covered
鈥?Hydrocarbon exploitation
鈥?Basic petroleum geology and oil &, gas formation
鈥?World energy demand and supply overview
鈥?Understanding the field life cycle
鈥?Shooting and Interpreting seismic surveys
鈥?Drilling the well 鈥?key process and techniques
鈥?Well completions and completion techniques
鈥?Well profiles
鈥?Development and Production
鈥?Floa... [Read More]

Upstream Petroleum Economics and Risk Analysis Workshop

Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: Equip Global Pte Ltd
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Singapore, Singapore

This is a practical 4 day course that will cover the fundamental aspects of upstream petroleum economics and risk analysis through a variety of lectures and workshop exercises. The practical application of theory via computer-based workshops allow participants to construct economic models, incorporate relevant cash-flow data and draw conclusions to aid decision-making.

By attending this training course, you will gain the following
鈥?Develop knowledge of upstream petroleum economic discounted cash flow evaluation methodologies
鈥?Familiarize with key economic metrics used in investment decision making
鈥?Understand the geological and engineering inputs to cash flow model
鈥?Know how oil &, gas pricing and forecasting works
鈥?Understand fiscal systems globally
鈥?Understand the financial structure and mechanisms of production sharing contracts including the calculation of cost recovery and profit oil splits
鈥?Know how to interpret economic results and quantify risks so as to put value to prospects, fields and companies
鈥?Learn how to construct production sharing contract and tax and royalty concession spreadsheets
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Optimizing Well Intervention & Productivity

Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: Equip Global Pte Ltd
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Singapore, Singapore

By attending this training course, you will gain the following
鈥?Best practice well intervention methods
鈥?In-depth understanding of the well production process and implications for well intervention
鈥?Find out cost-effective intervention alternatives
鈥?Learn how you can increase production and maximize reservoir potential at reduced cost
鈥?Learn risk management techniques of well intervention

Key Topics Covered
鈥?Understanding the importance of well productivity
鈥?Well production process 鈥?in depth analysis
鈥?Formation damage鈥檚 impact on well productivity
鈥?Drilling and workover fluids
鈥?Completion architecture and the impact of completion design on intervention
鈥?Production problems 鈥?identification and resolution
鈥?Operations of well production 鈥?how does it directly link to well intervention process
鈥?Best practice well intervention methods
鈥?Case history analysis of past well intervention failure incidents

HVACR Engineering Technology and Energy Management

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Ferris State University
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Big Rapids, United States

The Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) Engineering Technology curriculum is a two-year, upper-division sequence leading to a bachelor of science degree. Instruction is aimed at developing expertise in system and controls design, retrofitting, testing and adjusting, system balancing and building operations with microcomputer controls.

Students learn up-to-date methods of identifying and performing efficiency evaluations on different types of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems found in commercial and industrial buildings. They also learn methods of adjusting and balancing equipment for maximum performance.

In addition to classroom study, students perform energy and HVACR systems analysis for West Michigan businesses and industries. An energy systems laboratory includes equipment, computers and instrumentation found in commercial or industrial buildings. The lab includes a ten-ton variable air volume, four-zone system that controls cooling, heating and ventilation with computerized energy management. There also is a paid internship in the summer semester between the junior and senior year.

Energy Management Workshop

Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: EPIC Educational Program Innovations Center
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Dorval, Edmonton, Calgary, Halifax, Mississauga, Ottawa, Regina, Richmond, Saint Johns, Winnipeg, Canada

Energy management must be a vital component of your business 鈥?if not, there is a significant risk from rising and volatile cost. If you do not have a plan, do not worry - you are not alone and this course will help you. As is often said: 鈥測ou can鈥檛 manage what you don鈥檛 measure!鈥?

Regrettably, the energy market makes this far more difficult than it needs to be. An understanding of energy use, pricing, cost, opportunities, etc., supported with the right tools, will prepare you.

This course will help seasoned practitioners and those that are new to the energy business acquire the strategies and tools that work.

We will walk you through case studies on how energy efficient opportunities are identified and the process to build effective business cases that identify energy savings along with available incentives. It is always helpful to have the CEO and CFO understand your value and have each on your side.

This course will:
鈥?Begin by reading and understanding your utility bills: 鈥渟tart at the meter and end at the bill鈥?
鈥?Provide an overview of the energy markets to understand energy cost and the practical
... [Read More]

ISO 50001 Energy Management System (Certificate)

Course Format: Online
School/Trainer: Arizona Infotech
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Pune, India

Effective energy management isn鈥檛 just good for business, it鈥檚 also becoming a requirement. And the best way to achieve it is with ISO 50001. The international standard outlines energy management practices that are considered to be the best, globally. Energy management experts from more than 60 countries developed the standard and now we can help you tap into that expertise, every day, to help you save energy, cut costs and meet environmental requirements

Industrial Energy Management and Conservation

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: University of Illinois at Chicago
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Chicago, United States

Beginning course in energy analysis and auditing, and builds upon the critical background established in the HVAC course. An overview of the energy industry, billing, economic analysis, deregulated markets and energy purchasing.

Clean Technology: Sustainable Energy Management

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Alliant International University
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): San Diego, United States

Beginning with an overview of renewable energy sources, this course explores the fundamentals of different current and future energy systems, with focus on technologies with high developmental potential. We aim to understand energy technologies in a framework of enduring social and environmental stewardship on a global scale. The course offers a systems thinking approach to the subject of energy management, including technological, environmental, economic, strategic, organizational and public policy dimensions.

Green Buildings: Environmental Design, Energy Management and Performance Based Construction (Certificate)

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Cosumnes River College
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Sacramento, United States

The purpose of this certificate is to develop job skills and an understanding of green strategies for high performance buildings and livable communities. It is focused at students and professionals in the fields of architecture, construction, building management, construction management, building inspection, design technology, landscape, and planning, who want to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of an integrated, economic life-cycle approach to the design of the built environment. It includes study of green rating systems, material choices and environmental strategies for a livable, sustainable future.

This certificate helps to develop the knowledge base related to sustainable green buildings and environments for the careers of Architecture, Construction, Construction Management, Building Inspection, Horticulture, Landscape Architecture and Architectural Design Technology.

Building Analyst

Course Format: Online
School/Trainer: Anderson University
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Anderson, United States

The Building Analyst Quick Start online program was developed and written in partnership with nationally recognized building science experts. You&,#146,ll learn about the principles of green buildings鈥攆rom insulation to indoor air quality鈥攁s well as how to perform comprehensive building assessments.


Upon successful completion of this program, you&,#146,ll:
鈥ave completed the initial portion of the BPI and other Home Performance certification processes.
鈥ave a better understanding of all the major systems found in a conventional building
鈥nderstand issues of building science and how they can relate to occupant health
鈥iscover the relationships of building systems and building sustainability
鈥now observation techniques and data-collection skills
鈥se inspection and analysis approaches for comprehensive building assessments
鈥nderstand diagnostic testing procedures for evaluating buildings
鈥now how to prepare reports and findings for building owners

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