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Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for Automation and Process Control
Industrial Network Security for SCADA, Automation, Process Control and PLC Systems
PLC programming
PLC automation

PLC Workshop (Certificate)

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: progyaan
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): chennai, India

Progyaan provides quality learning atmosphere to students, working professionals and offering SCADA training to companies with state of art facility to service customers from several areas like PLC, SCADA, Industrial automation.

PLC Troubleshooting

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: FSU Corporate and Professional Development Center
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Big Rapids, United States

This course will provide an introduction to programmable logic control (PLC) automation and systems troubleshooting. Course topics will include: the fundamentals of PLC control systems and operation, description of a PLC electrical panel, understand the I/O panel configuration and wiring, understanding the general functions and components of a PLC controlled system, and introduction to using ladder logic and circuit schematics for troubleshooting or equivalent background knowledge. Prerequisite - Fundamentals of Alternating Current (AC) systems with Troubleshooting or equivalent background knowledge. (Please contact CPD for information on advanced PLC and PLC programming courses. The PLC platform used will be the Rockwell Automation compact Logix and RSLogix 5000 Software Version 20.)

PLC and PAC Programming

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: EPIC Educational Program Innovations Center
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Dorval, Edmonton, Calgary, Halifax, Mississauga, Ottawa, Regina, Richmond, Saint Johns, Winnipeg, Canada

Majority of the industrial process applications Programmable Logic Controllers and Programmable Logic Controllers, which are the backbone of the industrial applications, automations and robotics distributed on the manufacturer floor or on a wide area e.g. oil industry.

This course will focus on understanding the Programmable Logic Controllers and Programmable Logic Controllers, requirements, programming and implementation. The practical approach of the course is guaranteed by having the students perform hands on work on cutting edge technology communication networks.

Course Outline:
Programmable Logic Controllers
Programmable Automation Controllers
Rockwell Automation software PLC and PAC Family
Distributed Control Systems
Real Time Deterministic Networks: Allen-Bradley and Rockwell Networks
Wireless Communication
Setting Up the Communication between the PLC and Computer Using RS-LINX
First Program Using RS Logix 5000, Debugging Syntax Errors
Bit Instructions, Application: Latch and Auto-Latch, Jog Function

Who Should Attend:
Managers 鈥?Engineers 鈥?Con... [Read More]

PLC SCADA (Certificate)

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Trimak
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Chennai, India

TRIMAK conducts various PLC/SCADA/DCS training programs based on its long-term industrial experience in Automation sector. With a complete spectrum of courses and learning tools, TRIMAK is developing competent automation professionals in all technical processes, spanning the industry鈥檚 entire value chain, worldwide.


Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: IIAE ROURKELA
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): ROURKELA, INDIA

Our training service is focused to skill development of trainee where student can practice live professional equipment which is real and application of power solar and steel industry.after training student can direct involve to any plant to produce the productivity of company .

PLC SCADA Automation Workshop (Certificate) (Master Degree)

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: RapidSoft Automation
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): aligarh, india

Course contents:
* PLC ladder programming(AB,Siemens,Mitsubishi)
*Scada Application Design &, development
*HMI application Design &, development
*VFD programming
*Autocad 2D designing


Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: CEMAD
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): kannur, INDIA

govt approoved plc,scada,hmi training.


Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Advance Technology
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Chandigarh, India

鈥rief Description of a Control System
鈥neumatic Controller, PID Controller, PLC Controller
鈥istory &, Need of Industrial Automation
鈥pplication of Industrial Automation
鈥asic Components of Automation
鈥ardware Classification of Automation

鈥ype of PLC
鈥ardware &, Architecture of PLC
鈥pplication and Advantage of PLCs
鈥ourcing and Sinking concept
鈥rogramming Language of a PLC
鈥ntroduction to field Device(Input/output)
鈥ata files in PLC Programming
鈥rief Description of a Logic Gates
鈥imulator analysis of a PLC Programming
鈥ommunication with PLC
鈥iring different field device to PLC
鈥ploading, Downloading &, Monitoring programs
鈥ntroduction to SFC
鈥ntroduction to Instruction List
鈥ntroduction to Ladder Logic

鈥ntroduction to jump and label instruction.
鈥ntroduction to SBR and JSR instruction.
鈥orcing of I/O
鈥onitoring/Modifying Data table values
鈥ands on experience on real time applications
鈥ault finding/trouble... [Read More]


Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Advance Technology
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Chandigarh, India

Introduction to Industrial Automation

路 What is Automation?

路 Types of automation

路 Basic of digital electronics

脴 Introduction to PLC

路 What is PLC?

路 PLC Advantages.

路 Difference b/w PLC and Microcontroller.

路 Source and sink concept

路 Electrical symbols

路 PLC classification

路 PLC origin, Historical background, Architecture evolution of PLC.

路 PLC leading brands

路 PLC Programming languages

路 PLC Programming software

路 Major components of PLC
鈥ower supply
鈥/O modules.
鈥ommunication Bus.

脴 Ladder Programming

路 Software introduction (Micro-logix 500) &, Simulator

路 Exposure to the Allen Bradley PLC.

路 PLC programming symbols.

路 Introduction to the ladder programming

路 Addressing concepts.

路 Basic Boolean expression implem... [Read More]

plc automation (Certificate) (Diploma)

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: btech and 20 yrs industrail exp
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): GREATER NOIDA, India

Practical programming logic control training for automation and process control
Practical scada system training based on industrial Application
Practical training on troubleshooting and Repair Technique
CAD/Autocad/Pro-e/Catia Training with practical Application

PLC SCADA Drives HMI Workshop (Certificate)

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Vision Grid Technologies Pvt Ltd
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Nagpur, India

Management of almost all manufacturing units are going
for automating their plants using Instrumentation, Programmable Logic Controllers, Drives and Distributed Control Systems to survive in globally competitive market

PLC, SCADA Course Contents

PLC Concepts

BIT Instructions

Timer and Counter instructions

Compare Instructions

Real time Projects

Introduction to general SCADA


Creation of Applications.

Configuration of ALARMS
Configuration of TRENDS
Interfacing SCADA with PLC.
Selection of drivers.
飩?Local start and remote start concepts.

PLC , SCADA , DCS , Automation (Certificate) (Diploma)

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Wiztech Research and Development Unit
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Chennai, India

Wiztech Research and Development Unit is a Chennai Based company and one of the leading Training provider in PLC, SCADA, DCS,Embedded System VLSI, automation products in Industrial Automation Industry in Tamilnadu. We also provides PLC, SCADA training in Chennai , engineering and system integration services for Industrial Automation projects to various industries. We are based in Chennai and we have been conducting Automation training since 10 years. Our Centre in Chennai holds regular batches for college students, fresher鈥檚 and industry professionals every month. We are known for providing high-quality PLC, SCADA, DCS training in Chennai which is effective in upgrading the knowledge and skill set of our participant. We also provide trained manpower in PLC Automation. Wiztech R &, D Unit Provide very good PLC training in Chennai.

Wiztech Research and Development Unit is one of the leading Industrial automation organizations We which provide hands-on training in Industrial Automation platform. We provide a stepping stone for success in the field of Industrial automation. We have designed firmware applications for PLC, DCS and SCADA System. We have focused on ... [Read More]


Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: Akranti Automation Technology Pvt Ltd
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Bangalore, Trichy, India

Module 鈥?1 (PLC Basics)

Introduction of PLC
Architecture of PLC
I/O Configurations
PLC Addressing
Relay Logics to Ladder Logics
Basic Instruction Sets
Math Instructions
Numbering System
Logic Gates in Ladder Logic
Flip Flops
Tag Names
Basic PLC Programs
Safety Interlocking


Advanced Instruction Sets
Advanced Math Instructions
Timer Functions
Counter Functions
Online Editing Operations
Indirect Addressing
Analogue Scaling
Scaling to Engineering Units
Scaling of Pressure Transmitter Using PLC
Scaling of Temperature Transmitter Using PLC
Memory Usage Overview
Instruction Type, and their Mnemonics and Memory Usage (User Words)
SLC Status data file classification
Advanced PLC Programs

PLC , HMI and Drives (Certificate)

Course Format: E-learning
School/Trainer: NFI- Industrial Automation Training Academy
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Zirakpur, India

Manufacturing the next Generation!
A look at the Education tool NFI is using to develop future workforce

An interactive training simulation system i.e. ITC PLC PE is being employed by NFI to prepare the next generation of skilled workers. The way students are being taught is evolving, as industry and academia collaborate to attract youth to the skilled trades, and better prepare students for the workforce with hands-on experiences

To to prepare students for the workforce, one of the elements that鈥檚 missing today is the ability to show them, to visualize what a manufacturing environment looks like. Using innovative tools in NFI Students will actually be able to, not only learn about a technology鈥ut what does a process look like? What is sorting a large box versus a smaller box? What does that mean?

It addresses the different kinds of learners in the classroom鈥here are some kids that you can just talk about something and they get it. But you often have kids that need to live it, to feel it鈥?鈥?What is a conveyor? What is a palletizer?

These are the things that they鈥檙e going to stumble on once they become employed or go ... [Read More]

PLC Workshop 1.6 CEUs (Certificate)

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Business Industrial Network
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Saint Louis, United States

What sets this PLC training apart from what other providers offer?
(Besides the fact every student takes home real PLC, Training equipment and extra learning material to continue their education?)
This training is not just a presentation, but real-world, hands-on with actual PLCs, learn only what you will actually use to save your time (more useful knowledge in less time). But the greatest differentiator of this PLC training from all others, is you are also taught relevant Best Practice, Safety and Reliability. You not only learn how to, but the best way to, the safest way to, and the most reliable way to work with PLCs. Also class size limited to 10. Resulting in maximum return on your training investment and minimum downtime while working with PLCs in your facility. Hurry and register, classes fill quickly.

PLC and Automation Workshop (Diploma)

Course Format: Classroom
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): pondicherry, India

We are conducting automation training in PLC,HMI,SCADA AND


Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Los Angeles Trade Technical College
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Los Angeles, United States

This course is a survey of the various types of robots presently being used in industry. Topics covered include principal types of robots, robotic programming, and interfacing. Main physical components, practical uses and applications are explored.


Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Houston Community College
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Houston, United States

An introduction to programmable logic controllers as used in industrial environments including basic concepts, programming, applications, troubleshooting of ladder logic, and interfacing of equipment.


Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Pennsylvania Institute of Technology
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Philadelphia, United States

Geared toward persons with little or no experience in computers and machine control systems, this course illustrates how to build basic digital ladder logic diagrams (LLD) on a personal computer, download the LLD to a PLC, connect inputs and outputs to analog input sensors and output devices, and make the controlled system function properly..


Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: The University of Texas at Arlington
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Arlington, United States

The application of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) in industrial automation and energy systems monitoring will be covered. Transducers, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, and Distributed Control Systems (DCS) will be discussed. Material covered is also applicable to various mechanical and civil engineering fields, thus enrollment of graduate engineering students from other disciplines is welcome. Experiments utilizing the Power System Simulation Laboratory are required.

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